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  1. Chris

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    Welcome to the Weekly Whip!
    RaceDepartment Club Racing caters to all skill levels, whether it's your first time on track, or you're a seasoned veteran, the clubs provide a fun and friendly environment to learn the basics of racing, or to go wheel to wheel with a rival! This is the place to get the run down on all the awesome events here at RD that are coming your way this week!

    Assetto Corsa:
    The Assetto Corsa club caters to the European, American and Australian regions.
    Here are this weeks events:
    Game Stockcar Extreme:
    The newly updated Game Stockcar Extreme club runs for the European and American regions.
    Here are the races coming to you this week:
    RaceRoom Racing Experience:
    The R3E club heads to the Salzburgring this week for a mixed variety of cars and classes. A track that is renowned for ultra high speeds and unforgiving gravel traps. Here's what to expect this week:
    This week the ol' reliable horse that is rFactor takes the awesome HistoricX mod for outings around Rostock Osthefankurs and Vanport. Be sure to get in on the nostalgic fun!
    rFactor 2:
    The rF2 club heads over the pond to the classic American track, Mid Ohio for some Megane and GT3 madness.
    Richard Burns Rally:
    If race tracks aren't your style, the legendary Rally Sim heads to Barum this week with six tarmac-laden special stages through the Czech Republic. RBR is run across four timezones with the winner being the one with the lowest accumulated time. See the event details in the link below to find out when your region is set to leave the start line!
    Never raced at RaceDepartment before but looking to get involved?
    Make sure to grab yourself a Premium Membership and have a read of our Club Racing rules and you are ready to go! See you on track!
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  2. SOLO59


    This is Long over due! If it was done before, then I simply don't remember. I do recall advertisements for some of the clubs but that was only regarding one club/sim for the week. It would be really nice to see this post on RD's front page every week, preferably on Fridays as this would give people a couple days of practice for Monday events. I like all the things that one can do on RD but the main reason why I have a premium membership is to RACE, whenever I can. It's like being at work or school, and your boss or teacher would tell you "too much talking, not enough work getting done!" I feel the same thing is happening at RD. A lot of chatting on the forums, and only maybe a quarter of the amount of people on the forums are actually signed up regularly for club race events.:O_o: Hopefully, the calender and posting all the events on the front page will attract more drivers:rolleyes:
    Thank you @Chris Stacey :thumbsup:
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  3. Ricoow

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    More European events for Assetto Corsa are coming to the list! They are available on the Calendar already ;)
  4. Nick Hill

    Nick Hill

    This is great to not have to crawl through the calendar to figure out the American region events, thank you!
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  5. Lorenzo Bonder

    Lorenzo Bonder
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    Don't worry Solo, it will be regular this advertisement post, we'll update it weekly all events for the upcoming week. All you have to do know is see if your favourite game is there, and sign up if you have time to race and have fun! :)
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