The way the RD pages are viewed now - allot of distractions

Dave Thayer

I wish there was options to remove some of the windowed views when we are going through the Race Department.

Seems you now show too many things on the screen making the items we want to look at smaller in size to view.
Example - Downloads:

You have the news in large pictures to the right side of the screen
You have a small vertical sliver in size of the actual download items to select from- hard to read
You have another small vertical sliver in size of game Categories to choose
You have another small vertical sliver in size of general main Categories to choose.

This is just too much to show on one screen at one time and they are there all the time.
All I want to see is just the actual download items on a full screen like before. - easy to read
You have now made the download items smaller to read and hard to read at times.

I do not like this format being a premium viewer. Please change back to old view or make it an option to do so.

thank you.