The use of real names

Hi Bram and everyone else.

I have just joined RD and have been issued my licence (many thanks).
I have a question that I am sure has arisen before regarding the use of real names.

I totally accept that this is the forum and sevrer policy to which i will abide (my first race is tomorrow), however I am wondering why this is so? I realise it is to promote fair driving but would it not also be possible to this by associating a nickname with the real name in the forum.
For example.
On AC i use my nickname TAM Zak (used to be redlinezak), but to enabe me to race in the RD servers i must change it to my real name.
Whilst this is not a problem as such, when i then race elsewhere i must (or choose) to change it back as many many people know me from my nickname which i have used for over 20 years on various forums and games etc. Also it would mean that should someone whom i have raced in RD servers comes across me in a public or other lobby they will not necessarily know it is me.

If the chosen nickname was associated publicly with the real name in these forums then would the incentive to still be clean not still be present but still allow users to continue using the nickname that may have been with them for a long time (and indeed had a reputation (good or bad)) built up with it?

Thanks for your time and again thanks for the licence.


I would like to add that i have no issue at all with people knowing me by my real name but i would love to be able to continue using my nickname.

Rupe Wilson

I do like the fact that we have a licence to race with, but do we need to use real names.
i for one will use my real name i think it gives a more professional look, Im not worried about my real name being out there on the web.
Lets face it, most now have a facebook page or Google account of one of the many other sites out there with their real name shown.

We cry out for full on sims and shun most who say they drive arcade style sims (simcade)
often having normal debates turn sour over this argument. yet the very same guys want to use a nicknames. To me a sim requires a proper name. as that's what we are trying to replicate. REAL LIFE.

I would also say a driver who uses his real name drives with more care (most any way)
public servers are full of guys who drive dirty and hide behind a nickname, we see it in the forum
guys who just sign up to RD with a nickname tend to shout and break the rules more than a member with a real name. (im not saying all nicknamed members do this).

We also have some very good members who use nicknames and are valued members of the community.

its were do we draw the line.
Club races, do we allow nicknames, do we drop the licence all together
But if you want to race in a league, we need to know your real name or use a real name
Should all leagues participants be a premium members, (you need to be premium to enter)

So we are looking into this but its about getting it right first time.
Thanks for the reply.
I absolutely agree and see the point of real names especially when league racing but it would be nice to allow both to be used even if the forum name was the real name but racing under an associated pseudonym would also be nice to allow those people who wish too to be able to continue using it.
I also have no problem with people knowing my real name so those pseudonyms could be associated in a 'racers directory' or something similar.
AC already has the Name Nickname Surname format, I dont really understand why they dont use it in MP races, maybe its a feature to be added.

Nathan for now you could override this limitation by changing your AC name to
Name: Nathan (TAM Zak)
Surname: Pearce

Guessing that would be acceptable for RD servers but Rupe will have to confirm! :)

Rupe Wilson

At present we would like all drivers to use real names when entering our server and no nicknames added.
The name is then to long and clutters up the views when names are visible.
I would love to see a sim where its puts you name on the car windows, so we don't need to have names visible.
AC does feature a nickname option that is great when entering other servers if needed. ( dont know it it works)
Another option is to have a second profile for other servers.

When you sign up for a licence only you first and last name is needed, the only time we may require a middle initial is if we have two drivers of the same name.

ive had licence d member pm me to ask for the middle name removed as it takes up to much space above the car, which we oblige when possible.