The Thrill, The Deal, and the Spills in the RD MINI Challenge

RD MINI Challenge by Extreme Simracing had our first semi-endurance round at the famous and loved Brands Hatch GP recently, and boy what a fight we had.

"First things first, I firmly believe it is mandatory that you see the broadcast with @Joseph Wright and @Paul Glover, so if you missed it first time, check out the race recording at the head of this article!" - yes I know same thing at the first round, but I was right, wasn't I? So do the same again, it's well worth it.

Ross McGregor decided to mock everything I said about him and mock also his so called weakness that he is not a hotlaper or good qualifier, first in practice and Pole Position... a big statement of intent from one of the key drivers this season.

Race started and Butcher who qualified second immediately took the lead into Druids and my prediction was coming true, only to be denied a lap later when Ross retook a race lead he was never going to let go. I said on the broadcast that if Butcher and the others don't stop fighting, Ross will be long gone and so it was....but still we got plenty of fights throughout the field.

The battle for second place was very hard fought between Chris Butcher and Chris Shepherd, throughout, the two Chris's keeping in close proximity for the duration of the opening race of the weekend.

For much of the race teammates Tobias Röhner and Matt Le Gallez had their own thing going for third and fourth places respectively, and further back @Davy Vandevenne @Craig Patteson @ruben Artiaga and at one point even @Bram Hengeveld and a few others were fighting for top ten positions. Honestly the changes for the 5-10th places positions were many and surprising at times, either because of unexpected race pace or mistakes, again I want to point out the broadcast it's a lulu and as always @Joseph Wright and @Paul Glover did a solid job.

In the end @Ross McGregor took a dominant win as the last turned into a gut wrenching fight the final podium places.

Division Two saw @Frank Lehman take a much expected win while fight for second to sixth looked very close.

For more tid-bits and gossip just head over to round 2 rdmc forum and enjoy some great race recaps, banter, and few video highlights

Chris and Chris fight v2 (or more like round 2)
What was an intense fight in the opening round scaled up a few levels in at Brands Hatch, and I ain't one to dislike it, as the show was epic and the moves right on the limit or beyond. Both put up a good fight but in the end in my personal and unprofessional opinion I think Chris Shepherd extended the aggressive lines a tad too much and he used every BTCC tactic that he had in his arsenal to defend, attack or scrub the opponents speed. He might have gotten away with it but he has definitely lost his chance for complaint when Chris Butcher next chooses to turn up the dial, again my opinion only. Believe you me, Mr Butcher can definitely increase the aggressive dial to 11 and boy oh boy what a show and drama we will have then.

When I speak of their aggressiveness I mean their race-craft, their knowledge of what "buttons" to push, their experience in tin tops over the years and multiple leagues that brought them to this level. I mean the level of car control when something unexpected happens and you have to recover the car, the space, and the time, very quickly to be able to fight back, the drama...... Chris and Chris, you gotta love it!

Don't take sides just sit back, relax, and enjoy!

To be or not to be ... That is the question
To be or not to be an expert during a broadcast ... Yup its about me, Mr C. Boy Ohh boy did I get it wrong with the pitstops , and with 15min still to go from the race I was still feeling good about myself.

If I am allowed an explanation this would be it: I remember that last season there were definitely pitstops but didn't bother to check up the race distance, 80min last season with 40min this one so.... Yeah, if you didn't get the memo this season semi-endu races need no pitstop for the fastest way, maybe not the safest way for some but definitely the fastest....

Really sorry for all of you guys that were waiting for a pitstop and sorry for the commentary team.

Bram's commentary curse
Before the race Bram and the commentary team were discussing his race strategy, yes that means a pitstop, he wanted to change 4 tires and some fuel and I was adamant that was definitely the wrong approach.

QUOTE : "Bram I am going to see your name in the top 10 and your going to pit and your going to be last" well, if you haven't seen it that's pretty much to the T, luckily for me he came out last at the pitstop cycle because of speeding in the pit lane not because of me, still pretty bad though... You can read Mr Brams race report here, good luck in the sprint races mate.

Winners and strawberries - Round 2 by Mr. C (late the hate come in)


  • Aaaahhhhh.... @Ross McGregor by a mile
  • Top 10 guy's for the entertainment and end result
  • RaceDepartment viewers goes they got entertained

  • Well..... Me
  • Guys that pitted..

In the end I can say that it was a cracking round in both divisions and people had fun and good fights. I'm looking forward to the sprint and reverse grid in the next round.

P.s. - disclaimer - I am by no means a professional writer so take this article with a light heart and see the funny side. These are my personal opinions and don’t reflect in anyway shape or form what RD administration thinks, or the RD community in general.

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