DiRT Rally 2.0 The Subaru Impreza & Ford Focus RS Available Now For DiRT 2.0

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Codemasters latest DLC release is here - introducing the 2001 Subaru Impreza and Ford Focus RS Rally machines.

Two of the finest rally cars from the early 2000's, the beautiful Ford Focus RS and Subaru Impreza WRC cars are the latest content drop for Codemasters DiRT Rally 2.0 racing game.

DiRT Rally 2.0 - Season 3 DLC Schedule

In other DiRT 2.0 news, Codemasters have also revealed some interesting insight into the current and future state of VR within the title. Having finally added Oculus VR support to the title in recent weeks, many gamers have been left a little disappointed with the performance experienced when driving in Virtual Reality, something that the developers have acknowledged and confirmed they are looking at for a future update to the game:

First up, we posted a VR settings guide. If you haven’t seen it yet it’s here:
Next, we looked at what changes could be made in time for our next update. Version 1.8 is expected to release around September 3. Here’s a snippet of the Patch Notes (which we’re currently assembling) detailing what’s changing for VR:
  • Added option allowing players to choose whether to launch the game in 2D Mode or VR Mode.
  • Added support for separate graphics presets between 2D Mode and VR Mode.
  • Added support for “-novr” launch command.
  • Added ability to bind “Reset View” to a preferred buttons/keys.
  • Resolved issue where the game would crash if no VR headset was plugged in.
  • Improved readability of UI text in VR Mode.
In addition to this, we are currently investigating what is required in terms of time and resources to implement Oculus SDK support into the Steam version of the game.

Adding Oculus SDK support to the Steam version is not a simple matter of flicking a switch, nor is it a case of copy/pasting code from the Oculus version. It’s also not something that can happen immediately or in a very short space of time. We’ll share more in the future once things progress.

DiRT 2.0 is available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC now.

Check the DiRT 2.0 sub forum here at RaceDepartment for news, mods and community discussion about this excellent rally game.

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But what they are adding in terms of VR stuff is just QoL addons, not actual performance fixes which is the major problem with DR in VR

I have never tried a game with worse VR support than this giant turd of a game

The text in-game is completely unreadable, it has terrible stuttering if you move your head, and the performance is awful compared to other VR racing games
What were Codemasters thinking when they released this to the public??
Recycling old contents again and again and again and again and again and again... seriously, what's new in DR2?
That's why I stop buying their game nowadays, GRID 2019? **** off please.

Ole Andreasen

Hey... wait up!
WOW - two great cars for Dirt Rally 2. Thanks Codemasters

And Dirt (rally) cheap 2 :rolleyes::rolleyes:

RSS GTN pack (Two cars) 6 Euros
rFactor 2 Two strong pack 7 Euros
Dirt Rally 2 two cars pack 4 Euros
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Not sure why DR 2.0 VR gets all that criticism. On WMR it performs bettet than PCars 2, looks awesome too.
Are you on Rift, may be Oculus native version works better?

Ruy Horta

Not sure why DR 2.0 VR gets all that criticism. On WMR it performs bettet than PCars 2, looks awesome too.
Are you on Rift, may be Oculus native version works better?

That’s a proven fact - the Oculus store version has native support, which should not surprise anyone.

However the original Dirt Rally also had native oculus support, on Steam.
I really want to play this on my Rift, but I'll just wait and snap up the full package with all DLC once the dust settles and the price goes down with the issues resolved. Thanks to the more eager amongst us for reporting the problems and saving me hours of mucking around and disappointment
Haha You pay for deluxe edition and have to shell out more cash for content that was actually base from the first game. Good joke, Codemaster.
I will repeat it again and again, putting some (interesting ?) DLC in this game in his actual statement with annoying issues, since day one, is totally unfair to stay polite and elegant..

Last but not least, the price is very expensive for some recycled cars and stages.

Cheers. ;-)
Refunded due to the USB bug that causes microstutters, game ran pretty well in vr for me but if wheel is plugged in it freezes every few seconds. Apparently a bug since Dirt one.
I'm probably one of the few but for me VR works pretty well. I have pimax 5k plus and Stuttering is very rare.
For me Dr 2.0 beside iRacing are the best vr games
fov and immersion in DR2.0 is amazing
For my Rift S the game is unplayable. Won't be touching this until Steam version has native Oculus support. Nor buy anything from Conmasters

Paid full price for Deluxe, back when the game launched (75€, was it) and now worthless


Codemasters says: "Fixing VR won't be a quick process, or matter of copypasting code from the Oculus Store version"

Codemasters means: "We are waiting a few months, so as many as possible Oculus owners (who probably have money, since they have VR in the first place) give in and repurchase the game"
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