The Stars of the Future Thread

Ross Balfour

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Feb 25, 2008
Yes this is related to F1:parrot:

Anyway, here is a thread where you can post people who you think will be in F1 in your future, if your right 1 point to you :p

My lot:

Nico Hulkenburg
Currently Races in GP2

Marcos Martinez
Currently Races in World Series by Renualt

Ropbert Wickens
Currently Races in Formula 2

Adam Carroll
Recently owned everyone in A1GP :p

Bram Hengeveld

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Dec 26, 2006
Tobias Hegewald. Why? Because his name reminds me of somebody and he kicks serious butt this season in F2.

Nice original thread Ross :thumb:




I dont follow the mini series...but i really hope for the young Swede markus Ericsson

Omer Said

Oct 28, 2008
Cemil Çıpa

Finished 3rd in his first ever Formula 3 Euroseries. He even could'nt do tests before his first season. And as i remember Vettel also came from here :wink:

Keith Barrick

Feb 19, 2008
All three of these guys ive raced with in karts, and had the opputunity to help them out as 9-10 year old kids. They are all younger then I am, and had the money behind them to get where they are. All talented extremely naturally gifted, and well spoken young men.

1) Robbie Wickens - Amazing shifter kart racer, whos parents mortgaged their house to fund his racing they believed in him that much

2) James Hinchcliffe - Average karted whos father realized karting gets you nowhere, and the best thing was to get out using the money their family had and get him into real cars.

3) Daniel Morad - Amazing kart racer. Daniel, and Robbie Wickens had some of the best battles ive ever seen in shifter karts. They were 1/2 back and forth for 6 years growing up together. Daniels family had money and were able to get him in the right rides, and he was able to produce results.


Mark Birney

Sep 13, 2008
Tobias Hegewald. Why? Because his name reminds me of somebody and he kicks serious butt this season in F2.

Nice original thread Ross :thumb:
When I firt saw that race, and saw Hegewald leading, I seriously thought "Is that Bram!?" but then I read it again :p

Adam Carroll MUST get a seat in 2010 after his showing in A1GP. He came out of nowhere and beat the reigning champ, his performance in Brands Hatch was amazing.

I also believe Conor Daly will do well for himself in the future.

Son of the most successful Republic of Irish F1 driver to date (you can tell by the tri-colour and the US flag together on the helmet and car). Causing a stir in the Star Mazda scene and also won the Walter Hayes FF1600 trophy in Silvertone, being the first and youngest American to do so.
Jul 22, 2009
To name just a few I would like to see these drivers in F1 ,Bruno Senna, Paul di Resta, Jerome d'Ambrosio
Nico Hulkenburg,Bertrand Baguette ,Adam Carroll, Filipe Albuquerque.


Aug 10, 2007
I dont think Bruno Senna being in F1 will do him any good at all because people will always make the comparison between him and his uncle and doing that gets in the way of the job he should be doing.