The St. Andrew's University Face Transformer

I followed a link off Facebook to this awesome webpage set up by a university in the UK. You can upload an image of your face and see what you would look like as certain kinds of people.

Here's my results... :redface:

The root image of myself that I uploaded:

As an Afro-Caribbean:

As an East Asian:

As an Indian:

As a Manga drawing:

As an old man:

And just for laughs, here's what the program thinks I'd look like if I were female. Minus the facial hair, of course. :turtle:

Enjoy... and here's the link:

Omer Said

Omg! What a coincidence, i just discovered this site this morning mate:wink:. Really interesting and funny. If they improve it a little more will be perfect. Also if they provide us with such services, i wonder how improved softwares FBI or Interpol are using :confused:

Lol at your manga, eyeglass goes liquid :D
Really cool find Rhys! Thanks!:) Nice pics!

Here are the ones I tried:
original/old/west-asian/east-asian/afro-caribean/apeman LOL
original.jpgold.jpgwest asian.jpgeast-asian.jpgafro-caribean.jpgapeman.jpg
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