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The Snake

Tracks The Snake 0.01

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Todd K submitted a new resource:

The Snake - The Snake, Mulholland Hwy near Malibu, CA

This is an ALPHA release to test a new road construction method I've been working on. The road surface and ground textures here were generated using photogrammetry. The elevation change, road camber angle, and variable shoulder detail is all straight from the photogrammetry. I've been building a ~40 mile network of all my favorite canyon roads around Malibu which I'll be releasing at a later date as a separate track. You can follow my current progress on that project...

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Wow this looks amazing. I haven't actually tried it yet but I just was sent the link to this project. I'll try it in VR over the course of the day, but even from the video posted here, stunning. It amazes me extremely what some of you guys can pull out of this "dated" sim. It is mind boggling what guys like you with amazing tracks and others by creating tools like Custom Shader Patch, Sol. etc. squeeze out of the original game. Wow.... I'll come back after I've tried it in VR, but I'm already looking forward to when there is a bigger area.

I started sim-cruising not too long ago and spend a lot of time having a relaxing drive on LAC. It' s just my favorite thing to get the feet back to the ground after a stressfull day at work. And this looks just like it has the potential to be as awesome and versatile when there is a longer track!!!


You might want to remove the capital letter from the folder name. I don't know if they cause issues in tracks, but they do in cars, so perhaps just to be safe.