The sim racing game stakes my new positions

All the time raceroom just keeps at it and keeps getting better, the racing and driving is so good and I think its a new breed of sim game.

I think some sims have put in a lot of effort recently in the past 2 years and some have not.
I think the top sims out of everything and all categories, because years sims were frustrating as all get-out, are the ones that do not get bogged down in the nonsense but still strike a balance.

well those sims are race room with its lovely driving style and smooth, soft/rounded graphics yeah I know it has limits but its good, and AMS2 as of 1.2. Of course Assetto Corsa original with all the bells and whistles come into third, but I think these sims don't have much between them, so I can hardly say its 1,2,3, more like 1, 1, 1 kinda. But assetto corsa (I don't rate ACC much at all) is a great test bed. I like the other 2 because of their more or less complete experiences. Rfactor 2 is a third place for me this past 6 months. Sorry bout that but yeah you got my money and I do not hate the game at all. The other thing of course is force feedback and I rate AMS2 and RRRE as the front runners, for a wide variety of reasons of which 'realism' is just one.

I dont play iracing so can't say but I do not rate it much. I find outside of raceroom and AMS 2 just now its difficult to find time for other sims, let alone AC with its amazing content manager and depth of content.

So raceroom is definitely a top sim and its been going for so long which is a credit to it. Like in soccer or rugby league or union or nfl, there is the 'contest' for the ball, and so raceroom is always like that with the contest with the car and track, but some other sims are just hmmm too badly done in this day and age. So I think alike for that with ams2 but its not as developed yet. Both enjoyable, but good on raceroom for bringing out those new contest/races online
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The James May of Simracing
Raceroom is a bit behind on the technical side (DX9, relatively low poly models) and on features (weather, track rubbering... do all cars have tire pressures by now?), but on content, AI and sound design it is very much at the top imo. Next to the very rich track selection, where else can you get Group 5 and GTO as official content? Where else can you run around the Nordschleife with 99 AI? :)

I recently reinstalled R3E when I read about the FFB revamp. I haven't played it in a while beacuse I could never get it to feel right on my wheel, and sometimes it was outright dangerous when it started pulling to one side full force much like the bug AMS2 had. I'm giving it another go when the FFB update is out - if that works out well, it's probably rank 2nd or third after AMS2 for me as well.

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