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Hi all.
Was wondering if RD ever put up training servers for people like me that want to learn more ? I have tried playing in some pro servers, but for the life of me i cannot stay on the track with no traction control. It's like driving on ice. A car in real life without traction control still does not handle as badly as in the game, so need to test settings. Same with no ABS brakes, it is possible, but lock up is very common. I just don't want to get into the locked servers and get in peoples way of a good race, i know i'll be in last lol. I do practice, and use set-ups etc but nothing so far seems to improve the actual car handling ability, and certainly nothing has made my car within 2-3 seconds of best lap times i see others getting.
I just don't want to get into the server and start asking tons of questions annoying everyone in-game.


Yves Larose

Alan, honestly the best way to learn is to get on the servers with the fastest guy's, i never seen somebody not wanting to help with setup tips or driving lines on an RD server. and to add to that you will never be in the way of the fastest guy's if you behave accordingly and move out of the way safely. traction control and ABS actually makes you slower sure its far easier to stay on track with those on but you will also never learn how to properly setup and control the car with those turned on. so my best advice is to get on RD server and ask as many questions as possible to the fastest guy's and eventually you'll get better with times and experience.
From what you say Alan, I think you push the pedals too agressive. Try to apply them gently, take longer brake distances and slower exits first and then try to increase speed, and you'll be fine! Another advice: stay on default setup until you're comfortable with the handling and running similar laptimes, cause only after that you can compare your laptimes and see if the change was good or not!

Here's a pretty good site to learn from, linked you the pedals part of it cause that'll help you the most I think:

You'll find another driving techniques and setup advice there as well!
As a side to this, I'm a keen racer - but like most find it a bit daunting to go into a "league", I ALWAYS try to get out of the way of the faster guys no matter what server i'm in (not that Ive been in an RD one) sometimes because of this I end up in the gravel trap......

It could be a good suggestion that RD opens a "novices" sever for guys like Alan and myself - that way we could at least get some online experience with handling etc etc before going into the mainstream leagues and causing chaos and then being called WRECKERS....

Maybe this could be set up as some sort of "pre-league" where novices run the league track the week before and the winner of the race gets a "wild-card" entry into the "BIG GAME" for the following week.....

Dont get me wrong I totally understand where everyone is coming from in this thread (both sides) but I wouldnt want to jeopardise anyones run at the RD title by thrusting myself into the big time...


Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator

That is the whole point of the club, we race for nothing but the fun of it. You and the people who may be overtaking you have nothing to lose from minor scrapes along the way. Lots of us cut our teeth in the club, it's a fun and educational environment first and foremost. Leagues are a different story of course, although all skill levels are welcome there are extra ramifications there for disrupting precedings.

Truly and honestly my best advice is to bite the bullet and join in, you may be slow, it doesn't matter. The speed at which you learn when your racing against experienced drivers is much greater than racing against other 'novices'. You'll be supprised how quickly you can get to a consistent level. Truth is that to compete in the leagues you only need to be relatively consistent and have faith in your ability to be safe. All other aspects are moot.

Dave Flower

I agree join the racing club, get in the servers and have fun. Most important is to not ruin others races, speed and position come second to that. I would wholeheartedly advise against time in Novice or Semi-pro servers because the track grip levels and handling seem dumbed down, meaning that even if you have Aids turned off it will not be the same as Aids off in a Pro server. This means you effectively have to learn two tracks for each one and it just confuses your poor brain as it looks the same but has different grip and handling.

Please don't think everyone in the raciong club is an Alien, there are some, but the majority of us are not - we jsut put hours and hours of practice in, and even then some of us are still painfully slow...!

I say get licenced (its free and your not committed to anything really, apart from RESPECT for other members), then join in a few Racing Club Events, you won't regret it, your driving will improve, and most often you'll enjoy it - although sometimes pootling round at the back without a car in sight can be a little boring - but it makes you try harder next time..

Brian Clancy

@ Kiwidemon and Alan

Guys, what has been said above is 100% correct. I joined about 6 months ago. I'd never raced online, was painfully slow and pretty worried about both making a fool of myself AND getting in everyones way! I was encouraged to join a club race, yes my first couple of races were pretty bad lol (but nobody complained, infact they all offered me advice). I'm slowly getting quicker, enjoy it massivley now and im not in anyones way, I'm actually having great battles for positions. TBH it doesnt really matter if your fighting for 1st or 21st, the adrenalin rush when your wheel to wheel in a battle is great!

I am now in the WTM leuage (backmarker lol) but have scored points! (much to my suprise lol) and no DNF's. I thoughly enjoy the training and prep for a race and have made some great friends, so as a 'newbie' myself, I say get in there, get yer licence and do some club races.

There are alot of guys here at RD who work really hard to bring this stuff to us, so go use it :)
AWWW man - being slammed around here just as much as I would if I went into one of these RD servers :)

I think you may have got me wrong on the "Novice" side of things - they are NOT game settings rather the DRIVERS who dont feel comfortable in taking on the main game straight out of the box.....server settings would be as the "maingame"

I see that the format I suggested is already in motion......Pro GT i think it was from memory Corvette C5 server runs for "novice" drivers - winner transfers to the maingame as a wildcard.....

I'm currently running in a few public servers and once I feel im more onto it I'll look to join the RD group (lets be honest public servers are good training for their "randomness") :) :)

Cyas on the RD tarmac soon....
There was a Friendly Developement Series here on RD by the way, don't know what happened to it.

But really, join the racing club, you don't need to enter leagues right away, you can enter club events, the server is usually up hours before a race, and you can practice with others, ask help from them, I think you can improve faster this way, also in a much more fun way than getting on with the rammers (or even worse, the "wait&crash" people) on public servers.

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
I'm currently running in a few public servers and once I feel im more onto it I'll look to join the RD group (lets be honest public servers are good training for their "randomness") :) :)
That's where I go for my 'Crash Avoidance' training :D

btw, no-one os slamming you, when you feel ready we'll be here :) see you on track.

Dave Flower

+1 on the not slamming you.

I only race RD Club Events and Publics - just to clarify - Racing Club Events are NOT league events - they are 1 off Races that all Racing Club Members are free to sign up for and race in. NO league, no series of races, no commitment to any more than the actual Day or Night of the Race. Leagues races are entirely different.

If you find the cars too difficult to master because they appear to be slipping on ice, you may be trying to master a car that will always feel it is on ice. If you haven't, I would suggest looking at the Mini's or WTCC (NOT the Extremes). Learn to get a good feel for these (at first it feels impossible to keep even these tame beasts on the track -- but they are easier to master without aids). I was in the same boat when I started and opted to just join the Mini & Caterham Club events. First 10 or so races, I was always lapped before the end of the race. But hanging in there, I learned to tame the wee-beasties (learning some excellent setup & driving tips from the other drivers via TeamSpeak). While I almost never ever see the podium, I am almost never lapped anymore and am enjoying the heck out of running weekly in the club events.

I still struggle every time I move up to the more extreme cars (GT Sports/Pro & Extremes). But I thoroughly find the Minis, WTCC, Caterhams & Radicals a blast.

Eric Nelson

Chris and alan,

Just join up for an event here in the USA timezones and see how it goes. I PROMISE you wil not get booted or treated poorly regardless of your ability.

Ya see, I have the power to boot you, and I wouldn't EVER do that to a member of RD!

SO! I'll send you a little link here and offer the whole menu of club events coming up int he next 7 days. Try one of them that interests you and get a free steak! well not really but you get the idea. I hear these guys are kind of OK to run with too....LOL just in case your not in the USA


Eric Nelson
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