The RaceDepartment Podcast SEASON FINALE (S1, E18)

A little later than usual, the final episode of the debut season for the RaceDepartment Podcast is now available for your listening pleasure!

As usual your cheeky chappy host Mr. @Paul Glover valiantly battles to keep control of @Davide Nativo and @Paul Jeffrey as the Podcast team tackle the diverse topics of real and virtual motorsport news and opinions from the last few weeks.

In our end of season episode we chew the proverbial fat about Automobilista 2 and that delayed release (with some potentially controversial opinions), we have discussion about the new look website refresh, share our musings from the world of Formula One, discuss the recent 'Rate the Sims' feature and what the community have been saying, talk about Formula E and the curious case of the Jaguar i-Pace Trophy, wonder what's happening over at 704Games in NASCAR Heat world and tackle the elephant in the room that is the withdrawal of VW from 'proper' motorsport - oh and we sing a bit too..

Loads more of course, and we enjoyed ourselves that much we couldn't help but let the podcast creep over 2hrs recording time.. sorry about that !

To help you access the various locations of this latest podcast, you can check out the useful list below of just some of the places you can listen to and download the new episode. Of course, if you missed the RD Podcast excitement last time out, you can still catch up with all out broadcasts too…

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David Wright

Paul's worst fears have been confirmed. Reiza have just released this latest development video showing the Caterham. The graphics have taken a step forward but the physics - the car is sliding all over the place! And the angles the car reaches without spinning! Pure arcade.

Thanks for the pod again guys.

Enjoyed Davides views on Lewis’s 6 world championships Ferrari all the way!!!

FE is a tough one. Like Paul. I want to like it but it’s just so lack-lustre. That said, I have recently acquired the Gen 2 cars for RF2 and posted a short video on my YouTube of a race around Silverstone GP. It was actually pretty good fun. The higher speed achievable on a more open circuit coupled with the less grippy radial tyres made for some pretty interesting laps.

As lovely as all that is, a screaming Porsche EV isn’t quite the same as the Porsche 911 RSR at full chat. (2018/19 version that is).

Once again, enjoyed the podcast. Happy Christmas to you guys.:thumbsup:
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