The RaceDepartment Podcast (S1, E12)

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Yorkshire, UK
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Welcome to the 12th episode of the RaceDepartment Podcast - available now.

For episode 12 of the RaceDepartment Podcast, Paul Glover, Davide Nativo, Joseph Wright and Paul Jeffrey get together to chew the fat on a range of real and virtual motorsport topics. This week, we take a look at the latest happenings from the recent SRO motorsports group announcement, DiRT Rally 2.0 and the arrival of VR at long last, Project CARS 3, the Formula One season so far and new things in the world of rFactor 2... oh, a bit of singing, some jovial banter, debating the rights and wrongs of sandals and socks and plenty more besides!

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Another fine episode thanks chaps, I wonder if your Dirt2 VR opinions have changed much since release, I'm hovering over the buy button but only when a sale is on.

SRO new stuff sounds good, pCars3 chat was interesting and i agreed with many thoughts. I know for a fact that S397 are working their collective behinds off to sort/fix/amend the unfortunate recent issues, what i find quite frankly "pathetic" is certain members of the community posting in utter "glee" at the failings. Quite why some people are happy to see a Sim have troubles is beyond me, these Devs work tirelessly for us to enjoy our hobby with so the least people can do is be thankful that they're here in the first place.

Oh and I skipped the F1 chat so the podcast was a fairly short one for me :D Lovely stuff, thanks again :)

Alex Harkett

Another belter! Cheers lads! Great pod as always and nice to hear your thoughts on various subjects.

Interesting about the HyperCars in RF2 but I’m slightly disappointed there will never be an official version of the Toyota TS050 Hybrid to whip around Le Mans in. That would have been cool.

Also to add to the question Davide asked about why people didn’t think Ferrari were ‘killing the sport’ when they were winning everything. In my view I think it was seen by some (not all) as a great thing that Ferrari were back to winning ways after a very long time in the doldrums. And as mentioned, the cars were still quite exciting to watch.

Take nothing away from Merc, they’re doing a great job, but there’s just something sterile about it. Even last time out at Hungary; watching Hamilton charge down Verstappen, wasn’t nearly as entertaining or exciting somehow as when Verstappen did the same to Leclerc in Austria. I think we sort of expect the juggernaught that is Mercedes to be able to do that, which takes away the excitement a bit. Anyway, I’m waffling!

Good pod! Looking forward to the next one. :thumbsup:

Daniel Monteiro

And you've got to love the never-ending goodbyes :)

Some feedback: @Paul Glover, give @Joseph Wright a break and a topic he can talk about for more than just 10 seconds, so he has the chance to say something other than "I do not watch it/follow it/play it" - I know Dirt2 was there, I know, but I mean poor Joseph :laugh:

@Paul Jeffrey: cheaper than DLC, here you go mate - alternatively, if you've got the spare dosh you can go a different route and even make business out of it ;)

@leon_90: what about "taking over" a future podcast episode with one of your upcoming articles? It was great to have you as the "neural AI specialist" a few episodes back :)

Davide Nativo

Columnist for RaceDepartment
@leon_90: what about "taking over" a future podcast episode with one of your upcoming articles? It was great to have you as the "neural AI specialist" a few episodes back :)

Thanks mate, I am always afraid that my horrible spoken english will make people sick :roflmao: glad it was enjoyable listening to my blathering :roflmao:

Well, the pod is about all of us giving our inputs about different subjects; I am sure that some other topic in which I will be able to give some more consistent feedback will come up again soon ;)


Good ep, guys, keep it up!

I finally found some common ground with Joseph: More F1 than I cared to get into :p Only half serious, though, definitely deeper than I'm used to but it is about racing and drivers so I can relate ;)

A thought about endurance racing, rFactor is just getting into serious esports endurance racing where they can no longer afford to have race ending glitches. iRacing went through *years* of face-palming problems with their infrastructe trying to get through endurance events. And they knew it from their own users on their forums. We're talking mass disconnects and red flags, just like rFactor has been bumping into. Only now have iRacing seemed to had a string of good luck. It took a HUGE amounts of work and fixes to get to that point, though.

I would think rFactor has a long way to go to being prepared to get to iRacing's level. It's not easy. iRacing earned it.