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Featured The RaceDepartment Podcast (S1, E10) - Anniversary Special

Discussion in 'RaceDepartment Podcast' started by Paul Jeffrey, Jul 4, 2019.

  1. Daniel Monteiro

    Daniel Monteiro
    Staff Premium

    Amen to @VernWozza's question about the damage realism, totally agree that it is missing nowadays.

    If I remember correctly, there was at some point a mod/tweak for AMS that would kind of bump the damage multiplier to something like 200%, so that when you hit a wall with a F3 or a Formula Vee at high speed, that was effectively race over. Would be great to see this implemented, together with "random" failures.

    Granted, modern racing cars will have rev limiters and gearbox protection mechanisms, but things can still go wrong. And older cars will definitely be suffering from more abuse. Personally, this is more immersive than graphics :confused:
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  2. MarcG


    Your very last sentence is the Nail On The Head! Someone once asked in the RF2 Discord channel "how do you go about learning Bathurst?", I responded with "put damage to 100%, drive around slow at first, learn the corners, the entry and exits, then gradually ramp up speed." (Or words to that effect anyway).

    Now the reason i said 100% Damage was this, what better way to feel connected with the track than to be scared of it? You have to treat the car and track in a much more realistic way and a way that real drivers treat them, there's no pussyfooting around with Invincibility turned on, bouncing over the mountain off the walls, that won't help you learn the track and it certainly won't put that Fear Factor in you. Having that fear of a race ending bump with the wall is the adrenaline drip of racing on a circuit like that, that's why real drivers love it so much, so whack up the Damage and experience the track the way it's meant to be raced.

    So yeah, more realistic damage is one of the must haves with this current crop of racing Sims, let's make it more real, ultra real even!
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  3. o Tiger Feet o

    o Tiger Feet o

    Bit behind here... But another great listen while on holiday @Paul Glover @Paul Jeffrey

    Was the impromptu singalong triggered by my user name a first for the podcast?

    This gives me an idea: Every podcast should end with a singalong :roflmao: and If any of you have been particularity naughty (or you car knowledge is lacking) you have to do a 1 minute solo :D .... Bonus points awarded to songs with an automotive theme and / or sang in the style of a famous IRL racer.:laugh:

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