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The problems just keep rollin in....

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Chris Mackenzie, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. Chris Mackenzie

    Chris Mackenzie


    Yup another issue has arisen for this newby track builder with BTB EVO this time its Xpack objects....

    whan installed on the track in the editor they are fine, however when tested in GTR2 they are inverted - eg the road distance markers have the front panel on the back with the lettering "inside" the object and reversed out - this also seems to be the case with a "car" object found within a pack as well.....

    again - is it something I'm doing wrong - is there a setting I'm missing or are these objects just corrupt in some way.....

    Looking for 50 and 100 meter markers if anyone has fully working ones...

    Cheers for any advice,
  2. MaxAttack


    ATI or nVidia video caard? in any case, it might be a driver issue.
    Your video settings in rFactor, are they less than full/high?
    Could you post a screenshot.

    I hope you fix it mate.
  3. ThreeDays


    I'll start from the bottom: there is an XPack in the download section called something like 'Roadside objects' which, I think, has distance markers. If it's not in the download section of this web page, it is certainly in the BTB homepage. I know I downloaded it from one of these two.

    As for the other problem, I went through the same thing and I just solved it by placing the object the wrong way round in BTB so it would appear OK in RFactor. I know it doesn't actually solve the problem, but it's a way round it. Hope it works.
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