The possibilities of the Atomobilista's sound engine

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by analogeartrhquake84, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. analogeartrhquake84


    I always thought that the Automobilista's sound engine allows up to 5 on throttle samples and the same value of off throttle samples (counting with idle sounds). However, in the aud. file belonging to Clio Cup 2013 2.2 mod there are 7 on throttle samples and 6 off throttle samples. Is it possible?:O_o:

    Ps. When I made my own sound fashion, I never managed to exceed the value of 5 samples.
  2. Domagoj Lovrić

    Domagoj Lovrić
    Reiza Studios

    Important notice: mod. 5 samples is max in AMS, anything over 5 is just ignored.
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