The Old School racing simulator: "the Revenge-the counter attack" (f1c,gtr2,rbr)

Sorry for my bad English (GOOGLE TRANSLATOR)

PART 1 ?
Follow me to see MY sad story ....

imagine: they live the big city (noise, smoke, technology, and distractions). Due to a SERIOUS problem you have a week off to rest. A girl who WANTED TO be your friend for a LONG TIME, and to whom you said no ... invites them to spend a week in their village, in a VERY remote place in the countryside ... at the end of the week they are convinced that this village Of good and innocent humans, clean air, and very calm is the best place to live. Although you miss some things about the city, you laugh at the people of the city who are always worried ... the only thing you regret is NOT having discovered it when you were still young and you have the sensation of having wasted time :cry:

my first F1 season I saw on TV was 1997, when I was 5-6 years old, I will never forget the 2000 F1 season (neither more nor less, hakkinen-schumacher in spa, susuka..etc I never :confused:saw two rivals again be respected so much, so my profile avatar) I lost total interest in F1 in 2005 ... and in 2008 I stopped seeing it completely, without Hakk-shumi and the old-school drivers from the end of 97-00 is not what same. (I will return to this story later)

I live in South America (in the land of "yerba MATE"), until a few years ago we were very late in technology at home (I still have a vhs). I got my first PC in 2008 (imagine what I missed in video games), and the Internet arrived until recently. The speed IS very bad to pessimistic (60kbps, max) until optical fiber arrived recently.
I remember that my first game that my dad bought me was "conmand and conquer generals, and zero hour" (how lucky I was:thumbsup:). so I got very angry :mad:when MY FIRST racing game was a totally unknown and bored :sleep:game called "GTR2 - FIA GT Racing Game", (short story: "the rejected girl") makes me so angry that I tried it without wanting to turn First corner, brake, crash and uninstall it. I call attention to the "graphics" the amount of configs and the "light" in Gb. I LEFT the game to a box. (years later I tried it again, confirming that it was good, but a "boring sim", this time I put THE DVD in the trash :( I'm serious; throw it away)

I wanted what my school friends had: street races, police, tunning and "bloom effect" (typical of South America :D ): NfS. For years without internet, unfortunately I went "to the dark side" of driving, I thought an NfS was the horizon, the TOP in cars. (shame)
In terms of driving games (any type of vehicle) I obtained these:
-microsoft Flight simulator X
-PREPAR3D (first of all, I like aviation more)
-nfs underground 2, (they are excellent games, don't misunderstand me, but I've left that arcade stage)
-most wanted,
-And NFS SHIFT 2 ....
NFS pro street made me know the "consequences of slowing down late" "the feeling of weight" and "realistic" physics (it was what I thought, do not laugh). I made the DIRECT jump to NFS SHIFT 2 (not shift 1) ... and I swore that was the most "realistic" game I've ever played:confused: (in those years, in my situation). the game took the races seriously, a challenge to climb the "GT1 SUMMIT". when I realized that this game (shift 2) was developed by Slightly M ... S ... "and that Project CARS was the next simracing, and that PROMISED to be a spiritual continuation of SHIFT 2, I waited patiently for it; , I inhaled it:D and I liked it a lot. Then Project CARS 2 came out and I injected it:D ... I said in 2018: "Is there another game that meets these requirements: dynamic day, night and weather; tons of tracks and cars, which is mainly made for offline mode (career mode) and also SIM? (... I also thoroughly tested dirt 4, I like it better because it is "infinite." But that's another story)
If something ugly about current games is:
-> (If the opinion of some games that I mention bothers you, SORRY if I offended someone. It's just an opinion, mine)
-pure graphics, but no days, no dynamic weather or poorly executed (gt spirt, Firza mitirspirt ... rfactor 1 etc)
-few cars and few grouped into categories (Assiti corsi compiti ...)
-very many cars, but totally arcade, or almost. (Firza Mitispirt ...)
-You are proud to have the best physics, but paying subscription. (GA Iracing ...) (DLC is bad, but paying subscription is a robbery, you only pay STATUS. It's not bad to upload a video to YTube / twitch playing iracing, it's wrong to upload it with the intention of showing off. I follow several "iracingtubers", but some (few) only show off:cautious:)
-Have the maximum physical sensations but they are only simulators of TESTS of cars, "technological demonstrator", "go around the track alone", "without full official championships" "only one car license" (ac, rf 1 and 2 ONLY official content, not mods). they are content to go around alone, but without the excitement of a complete championship of the original cars. (as f1 codemasters)
On the internet there is an article called "when will gtr2 be dethroned as the most complete". Here is what I mean.
then I was on PC 2 and dirts, "I stay here for many years." I was in "the city" ("short story"),
... being disappointed by the "short" dirt rally 1 and a bit boring of WAITING for PC2 updates, I said "I would like to try an f1 game". I found out well and I got F1 2013 (because my pc is potato and because they recommended it). THEN OCCURRED: I saw a mod of f1 of the year 2000 (racedepartament: "F1 2000 + 1970's by Alexanderssen:thumbsup:) mod for that game AND PUM! Longing for / nostalgia:cry: as I never had. (Pity it was just a repainted car of the other teams) : "I would like a game that has the FULL SEASON of F1 of the year 2000, I miss it (and those sounds)." and I DISCOVERED IT:

F1 CHALLENGE 99-02. :confused::confused:It is incredible that it has dynamic weather, when current games do not have it. I know there are tons of mods, but I ONLY play the year 2000 with a reskin with the original tobacco sponsors. I do not accept anything else, only original:cool:. It was like when a child is given sugar. I learned of wasted time:cry:. This revived my interest in the current real F1, I started watching the end of 2018 and the current 2019 season in full, I never liked the "skinny" f1 of the years 2009-2016, the 2017-2020 style seems more "aggressive -width".

I enjoyed PC2 and F1C ... until the WORST happened ... my South American potato PC that works if there are no power outages, DAMAGED. my graphic card died (short story: "the serious problem"). Right now, I no longer get the money and I had to give up when I bought another video card, in fact I almost quit the internet. I am updating the complete PC when it becomes obsolete, no part updates, so I will wait until 2024-5 when this PC becomes obsolete to update it completely. I speak SERIOUSly ... goodbye PC2 / dirt may the force be with you. (I don't know what it feels like to drive dirt rally v2.0) and a list of games that doesn't work without GPU ... bye. I face and prepare to only have games that work only with video onboard CPU ... ( short story: the village), as if it were a bear preparing to hibernate.:redface::sleep:
... I don't care, I have f1 challenge 99-02, ... but unfortunately it has a deadline: the incompatibilities with modern systems (although it works perfectly perfect for me, this will get worse with future windows:redface:) this Increase the sensation of lost years:cry: ... and the intermediate solution was to obtain:thumbsup::

RFACTOR 1. I only got it to have the "RVR 2000" mod of f1 (and a circuit pack similar to 2000). I resist losing that season. although it runs with cpu video onboard (90-120 fps) I am disgusted that it did not have the characteristic day and night (gmotor has that characteristic, I think), nor climates like f1c.
I said to myself: "I already have F1 challenge, your" backup "(RF1), now I only need one of GTs and one of RALLYS. Is there any game of gts and another rally, with full seasons, simracing, weather and dynamic day, mods, and that works with cpu video onboard? ... that replace pc2 and dirts .... :D

GTR 2: "she" called (short story: the girl ), I apologized. even more regretful for wasting so much time with pc2, pc1, nfs, etc ... waited patiently. With this game (and some mods) I don't have to envy the "city". It is reliable and potato pc friendly.:cool:

and RICHARD BURNS RALLY: I will never play dirts again, even if I get a gpu.:cool:

many of you have known gtr2 a long time ago ... I just started to meet rbr and gtr2, I've wasted a lot of time.
F1 Challenge 99-02, Richards Burns Rally and GTR2 ... I don't need anything else. I stay in "the little town".

... :sleep::rolleyes:imagine that in the next Gamescom, EA Games says:
"!!! we present F1 CHALLENGE 99-02 REMASTERED !!!, its features are 4K, original v10 sound, mod friendly, low pc friendly 60fps and ... "

...or in a SIMBIN forum it appears: "UPDATE PATCH for GRT2, this includes 4K, DX12...."

...o Warthog games reappears and says "update patch for rbr: includes directx 12, 4k textures, new models, mod friendly, potato pc ... and ..."

This is my real story, and you?
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I declare my support for this wall of text which rightly concludes with the reaffirmation of the significance of our beloved GTR2 lol Good job! :p

Remember to follow all the latest updates in the RD GTR2 forums! Things are still happening!

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