The official petition for a new Linux version


El Pappacabras

Hi all,
I write here in order to officially ask Ruud to release the so-long-time-waited Linux new version of Racer. The reason for this - Wine is good, but with latest Racer versions every car gets messed up and also the menu gets a strange skin. If you agree with me, please join this thread.
El Pappacabras


RACER Moderator
Feb 28, 2008
I understand your reasons for this, but frankly, I don't think Ruud should have this on his priorities. I think it's important that the problems/errors in the Windows version can be fixed before it expands onto other operating systems.

I was a Linux user, so I really do understand lol.


Mar 22, 2010
Well, I am current Linux only user and I agree with KS95. Racer (all Windows versions, cg or non-cg) are working with no issues in Wine 1.2 on my Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 64bit. Issues that a Linux user might have are probably no different than those of average Windows user, mainly a video card that is not able to run latest cg versions, or trying to run old non-cg content on a newer cg Racer. So, even as a die hard Linux user, I would still rather support Ruud putting his efforts into releasing long awaited v0.9 version and enhancing the overall stability of Windows Racer..