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The new physics in the FR90xx

Same old paranoia song - so I will repeat my advice : Get some help :roflmao: :roflmao:

ByTheWay: I think you both are not searching serious enough - because I can remember that at least 3 other posters in that thread quoted the full text several times. Because as all fanboys they couldnt accept that somebody criticised their fantastic Raceroom. So if you actually does search you will be able to find it:whistling:
I'm not a RRRE fanboy. More partial to AMS myself.

ByTheWay: you come across as a total cock. Cheers.


Too much Goebbels
.. wouldn't be surprised at all of a fake tbh, given your general attitude.
Maybe I should report you 2 guys - because your personal attacks on me gets worse and worse.
While I to the contrary allways keep away saying something you havent said yourself.

ByTheWay: But as allways Im a friendly guy who often get some good entertainment when its obvious that people feel they need to get personal because they have no useable arguments. :whistling:


Too much Goebbels
OK thanks for reporting back:thumbsup:
The only reason I didnt include the FFB things was because I didnt considered it relevant for the overall discussion - hehe and because I use a non-FFB wheel myself.

ByTheWay: Check my new physics thread out - because here I give a kind of confession :whistling: