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The New Audi R8 LMS GT2 Revealed

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Audi Sport have revealed their brand new Audi R8 LMS GT2 machine - ahead of the 2020 debut for the new category of racing.

Built for the massive customer scene that exists in the current racing landscape, the new for 2020 Audi R8 LMS GT2 represents the second major brand to commit to the new series announced in 2018 by SRO, the organisation that already manages many of the top level GT3 specification categories such as the Blancpain GT Series and Intercontinental GT Challenge by Pirelli.

Audi Sport R8 LMS GT2.jpg

GT2, set to act as a bridging gap between existing GT3 and GT4, has been designed as a series that appeals to amateur drivers and should deliver in the region of 600 - 700hp cars - fast, but without many of the high tech and expensive extras found on the current generation of GT3 machinery.

Audi Sport R8 LMS GT2 2.jpg

The announcement this weekend at the Goodwood Festival of Speed means that Audi now join the list of confirmed GT2 manufacturers for 2020, coming together with Porsche who confirmed a GT2 specification 911 RS GT2 Clubsport back in late 2018.

The Audi will become the "the top end of the range in terms of engine power and top speed with an output of 470 kW (640 hp)" according to Audi Sport, and let's be honest here, for a small car... it looks awesome.

Looking forward to the new GT2 category?

Audi Sport R8 LMS GT2 3.jpg

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Alot less aero and less tinkering that can be done compared to GT3, but more aero and tinkering than gt4. The operating cost is supposed to be also in the middle of those two as well.

I'm guessing the confusion will come from the fact 2 traditionally comes before 3 and not in between 3 and 4. :)
Alot less aero and less tinkering that can be done compared to GT3, but more aero and tinkering than gt4. The operating cost is supposed to be also in the middle of those two as well.

I think he means it in a more simplistic way, meaning how is 2 supposed to go between 3 and 4 :O_o::roflmao:
Seems like a way to cram in a needless GT class. Does there really need to be a class between GT4 & GT3? And why name is it GT2? Just call it GT3.5. In five years there will be another GT1 class but it'll be between GTE and GT3.
I'd rather count Porsche 911/Lamborghini Huracan/Ferrari 488 Cup cars to a GT3.5 class.

I've read somewhere that Stephane Ratel, the boss of SRO, also uses this class as a counterinsurance in case the FIA should merge the GTE and GT3 classes in the future.
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Daniel Monteiro

This could be the healthy death of GT3, and I mean this in a good way :) But not much can be said until we see them in proper action.
So now GT2 will be a "bridge" between GT3 and GT4... I'm really confused now... GT1 on the 90s became GTLM... GT2 on the 90s was what became the now defunct GT1 class (the one with the DBR9, the MC12...), then GT2 was a class for less advanced cars, and GT3 was up for more "street-like" cars (well... ehem....). But now we have GT3, GTE (which is a short of GTE with different specs), GT4... and GT2 will be a class between GT3 and 4... yeah, easy to understand....
I can see alot of Pro drivers getting frustrated over this. Acording to the SCO the GT2 class will be mainly for gentleman drivers. Thats gonna be a rough time if the GT3 Pro drivers overtake the GT2s in the twisty parts just to get blasted by on the straight again. Rinse and repeat.

Nick Gregory

iRating is just a number
1. Why is Audi introducing a new race car based on one that is going to be replaced by an EV in 2021?

2. This GT2 class is going to be something that begins with "cluster". GT2 cars are going to to keep up with and even be able to overtake GT3 cars in straights, but then GT3 cars will have them in braking and cornering. And they'll be driven by gentlemen drivers, and they already can create enough problems when you put them in GT3 or GT4 cars.