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Sure, but I don't like to delay things either, been doing the boring stuff like the low res cockpit, driver animations, sorting out the hierarchy, testing and more testing.
Still not happy with the driver animations 100% but I'm not wasting more time with that (there's always some kind of problem to fix when exporting, very frustrating. Looks good on max, crap in game).
I've decided to move on and start making the lods now that I have the cockpit out of the way, so I can sort out the details for the Carrera 4 and release them both.
Do you have plan update all cars for CSP? Wipers,reverse lights and etc?


Hopefully... I'm working on updates for the rest of the NFS pack now so they all match the 993 (in the ways they need to, anyway, like fundamental tire stuff.) So far the Viper and Corvette are sorted, and I got the SE30 Jota done as well. Just Class A left to do.


@aphidgod On the diablo vt a [LIGHT_REVERSE_0] with POSITION=<coords> and MIRROR=0 is missing for the reverse light, so it's illuminating on both sides via guessing. Noticed that when I adapted the vt config to the se30 for personal use (the MESH_SPLIT function even made it possible to separate the bumper reverse emissive from the fog light without touching the model, all via config).
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I'll pm in a moment with code if it helps with this small stuff in case you guys find it worth it to be used. It'd be disrespectful to paste ready-to-use modifications of your content in this thread.

Edit: PM'd with the stuff mentioned above, if you both find worth bothering with this detail.
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I reckon EA should of done what Accolade did - release car and track packs. Yes technology/graphics improved, but NFS1 was the best.
Doing a bit of testing on City Segment 1... (I'm no A3DR haha)
I'm having to flatten the turns a bit as the cars can't go through as quick as what we're used to...
I've extracted all non-circuit tracks from original NFS1 to obj files. I can upload them if it helps.
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