The most complete all round sim out there!!


just wanted to say thank you to S3...

just did a race at brands with the GTs, and this was one of my fav virtual races of my life. Had to really concentrate had ai overtaking me on every corner if I wasn't up to speed had great battles. Im tired its a tiring track especially for concentration as theres no chance for a break!!! I visit brands a lot for the gts and it was like being there especially the replays......

Please guys keep up the momentum, your getting wide appraisal on almost every sim site. Get the old cars updated as the new ones are outshining them totally. Get a custom championship in RRe so we can race these older machines. please don't let this sim slip!!! This is the most complete package out there with regards to motorsport and a sim combined, and is becoming my fav to drive its a joy and satisfying and above all fun!! thanks to the AI please don't tame these.

keep up at this rate and RF2, AC, GSCe hell and even pcars, can move out the way for you..

You have my faith..

Sector 3 (simbin are back!!!)

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Agree totally,

This sim is MEGA! Keeps getting better and better... S3 i LOVE YOU! Well done guys, DTME 14 is brilliant, just had a full race at Hockenheim and nearly passed out with excitement..:) This is easily the best and most entertaining sim i have ever seen. I really need to book some time off work and get some good hours in behind the wheel.

As always Sector3 / SimBin, i take my hat off to you sirs


Only thing really lacking at this stage is Club Racing! Doing a good job, S3 :thumbsup:

Give us some Dedi servers and I'll organise some WTCC racing if nobody else feels like doing it. :cool:

Still need the Minis though if you want us to leave Race 07...
You forgot to mention open wheelers are lacking, i would play this more if it had open wheelers, it ticks so many other boxes but not this one
Game has indeed improved a lot. That's why it's even more shame that the business model is still complete and utter bollocks imo.


i agree on one hand and not the other..

We must remember that this was free to play, and didnt the race series have chargeable expansions? Race on, wttc2010 sttc etc etc.

But the bad is you can end up spending a fortune :(


Oh please not this discussion about the business model again.:( (....and not in almost every R3E thread). Some people like it, some people not. You can't come to an agreement on this topic. Only endless discussions and hardened fronts.

I for myself like to purchase only what i want, and i'll leave the cars&tracks in store, which i don't like to drive. Simply said: If you don't like it, don't buy it. No one forces you.


must admit this is what i do like... i dont like indy so i havent got it, i dont like hill climb so i havent got it, i dont like the kooonnniisisissnnneeegggggg so guess what...

yeah i see your point. :)
I'm quite new in sim word and don't have "old school mind" where all should be free.
In my opinion, paying for good quality stuff is normal.
Modern sims are more and more expensive to produce and it I assume it becomes very hard for small companries to survive with classic business model (propose one platform and then, let modders work).
AC still use this model?
It's not console game and market is limited. So what will happen when they will have sold it to 50% of the potential market? Why should they continue spending money to develop while no turnover can be expected? Of course we can rely on talented modders. But it will become very hard and long for them to develop new quality stuff as well.
As of today, among tons of proposed cars/tracks, how much are really well done?
Most of them are just conversions of old games. One team work on TUSC since beginning of this year: So far, only one car is available.

With RRE, I have top quality products, regular updates ready to use (I'm not obliged to dive into unfriendly files and spend some hours to make it work properly)
Every month I'm waiting update like a child before Christmas.
And now we have long list of circuits and cars.
Since I already own GT Master, DTM 2014 costed 1700€=13.60€ (I bought last month 5000vpr for 40€) only. For the price of 3 biers I have many hours of fun.
I think most of us have expensive hardware. We spent more than 1000€ for a decent PC, some hundred € for a screen and wheel. So, what is 15€ per month?

As conclusion, thank you Sector 3.
Raceroom is now a masterclass sim.

Connor Caple

Slowest Racer in Town...
I bought 5.000vRP for about £32 UKP - about what I'd spend on a PC game normally.

For that I've got the WTCC pack, the ADAC GT pack, the Hillclimb pack and the European Track pack.

I still have over 1,000 vRP left. I feel like I have had value for my money. :thumbsup:

For anyone who is not aware - if you already own some of the content in a pack, it is discounted, so you don't pay the full price if you buy packs one at a time - I don't know if the store discounts them if you buy multiple packs together, but it probably will.

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
regarding price, at the end of the day console owners or people who buy games like F1201X pay around £30 - £50 for products far less impressive. Although i got DTME for free (had 2013 & season pass) i would very very happily spend £30 on it. As someone above said, paying for quality isn't something new, its just how the world is now. All in all, i like the idea some play for free, and i just treat any addons with charges as entirely separate games, and WTCC/DTM/ADAC are very much well worth it... WELL WELL worth it!:)

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Even DTM has its own loading screens and menu's, so even tho its part of RR, its actually a different game (like Dan said, same as STCC, Race07/Pro etc etc)...

These guys are only small, everyone buy everything and keep them going:D I've bought the lot, even though im not interested is some stuff, just to support an outstanding team!


as i said, if they keep on this track it will be considered a great sim again. I think the early raceroom versions heavily put people off (i know i was) and wrote off this title.

this change to Sector 3 and a step back to their sim roots has (and maybe more money income from partners etc) put RRe back into the limelight in my opinion.

It has the ingredients to be a great sim. If they do add weather, let them take their time and get it right, get the basics right first. Unlike that rfactor lot, who have added lots and not really finished anything?!