The handbrake works?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by mcwood, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. mcwood


    HI all of RD members~:redface:

    when i first started GTR-evolution through steam, i found that
    there's no handbrake for gtr-e and race07 and no use of it.

    however, i thought something strange for existance of handbrake key setting.
    " why there's handbrake key ?? even it's no use ever....."

    but yesterday i found really interesting thing.
    it works the handbrake in multiplayer server.
    i have checked in deddy server from abroad in race...wtcc07 in brandhatch and
    radical in works, because i have it mapped in my mods,which i have made by myself.

    some tweak in HDC files make it handbrake works...however it was off line practice.
    but yesterday it was different it was on-line normal race with abroad drivers.

    and i found that only in multiplay servers, the handbrake works in case of stock car from simbin.
    not in off-line practice.....

    I don't know why it happened...sometimes i play RBR also, so i have homemade handbrake
    with my G25. now it works in even normal race07 , gtr-e...
    (i use manual clutch and sequantial gear for dogbox heel and toe even in gtr-e)

    is it normal thing , which i haven't realized yet? like upgrade from steam?

    thanks ahead for kind answer for my odd question.:)
  2. Peter

    who cares

    The Handbrake works since a few patches ago with some cars, and not only in multyplayer.
  3. mcwood


    thanks for answer...some works and others not.

    but i think, it is no use for circuit racing car, because speed is too fast to pandlrum or handbrake turn like rally.
    anyway it is interesting.
  4. Péter Bártfai

    Péter Bártfai

    I think Felix Porteiro showed us in WTCC magazine that they use the handbrake for starts, so the car doesn't start rolling when they put it in 1st, and they can have their feet on the gas/clutch pedals.
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