The disgrace of modern F1

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    The case of Marussia and Caterham being in administration, and Force India's boycott threats have proved to be an eye-opener recently.

    The cause? Bernie. I'm sure you are all aware of the recent blackmailing trial which ironically he paid his way out. Someone who has been involved in fraud of that scale should not be at the head of the most expensive sport in the world.

    Another point is how revenue is split between the teams. Reported on the BBC website, F1 teams get 63% of the revenue of $1.6bn, with perspective of Ferrari getting $200m+ of which $90m just because they take part this year alone, with Marussia at the other end of the grid getting just $14m. How the hell are smaller teams supposed to survive when they are getting peanuts, which couldn't cover 10% of the development costs over the course of the year?

    F1 is incredibly corrupt and the culture of adding grand prix to oil rich countries so they get paid more and having less tracks which are considered real tracks and provide huge entertainment value and invariably fill stands is bad for the sport. F1 doesn't need the FIA or Ecclestone.
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