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Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by gimp2u23, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. gimp2u23


    Hi All - long time listener, first time caller.....

    I don't get a lot of time to play 2010, so this is why I've only just completed S1....

    Using standard controller, I sucked for the most part but came good winning the last 2 races....i had right up til the last race, no offers (my Lotus one expired) - then after winning at Abu Dahbi got the one year deal with Toro Rosso as #1 driver for my rival beating Buemi.

    So understanding that no matter what happens in S2, I won't get renewed @ Toro Rosso.... what can I expect from S2 over all? I have a few questions

    Is the weather the same for the races as S1?
    Should I be able to win the WDC with Toro Tosso?
    if so will this open up the top 5 teams?
    I want to drive for RB untimately but want to do a 2 yr stint there so it's best to not pick Mark or Seb as a rival??
    Overall which is the best car to drive?
    does life get easier as reputation increases?
    Is there anything new to experience in later seasons?

    Thanks in advance for any answers! Cheers!
  2. OloMolo


    Hi i hope i can help ya!

    1.)No, the weather conditions are completly different from the first season.
    2.)I don't know how skilled you are, but which difficulty do you use? I play on Legend and i would only win the WDC if everything would go right in a season and that doesn't happen.Cause i never re-start a session or a race.
    3.)Can't tell ya if it opens up your possibilties but most likely it should.I ended up my season as 9th and 86 points overall (Lotus) and i got the offer to join Sauber.It's also important to have a certain level to get to a better team, which means you should have your requirements done.
    4.)Good question, cant tell ya really.
    5.)Honestly? I never really felt a big difference between the Ferrari,Mclaren,RedBull.Maybe the Mclaren has a bit of a better engine.But that's all i can say.I started right away with the career mode and i'm driving with the slower cars right now, so you should check for yourself.Nobody can judge what it is best for your driving style, only you can tell.So try all those cars out.
    6.Not really, i was with HRT in the first season and they requirements were lets say ok.Then i got to Lotus and they wanted me to Qualify almost every race as 8th and in the race it was 6th.On some tracks it was easier and on some it was difficult to get the job done.So you see it doesn't mean that if you are in better car automaticly it is easier to increase your speed or requirements.
    7.Hmmm, my second Season was a looooooot easier and way more rewarding then the first.I got a lot faster and my overtaking was a better and more carefully.
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