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The Cult of Radicalists - Monday 27th April 2009

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Andrew Evans, Apr 22, 2009.

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  1. Valentijn Scholten

    Valentijn Scholten

    Thanks Andrew for another night of racing fun. Really liked the GP200 track, we should use it more from now on!
  2. Stefan Werner

    Stefan Werner

    Race 1:

    Discoed after practice and couldn't get back on in time to qualify.

    Race 2:

    Qualified 8th with a 1.33.1 on default setup. Had a good start and made up a few positions, but lost them again trying to stay out of trouble on lap 1. Was a fairly lonely race for me in 6th. It did give me a chance to finally learn the track and brought my lap times down to a 1.31.7. :)

    Matt Crouch was really getting close towards the end after I had made a few mistakes in last couple of laps with grip levels slowly dropping. I really thought he was going to try and overtake me, but I made it across the line, still in 6th, safely before he got the chance.

    Race 3:

    Was in the top 3 during most of practice, which gave me high hopes, but I pushed a little to hard in qualifying and spun. I started from second last on the grid.

    Got a bad start, but being at the end of the grid I didn't loose anything. My first lap wasn't to great although I did make up a few positions due to others crashing. The following two laps were much better and by the end of lap 3 I had worked my way back up to comfortable 3rd place and started to slowly pull back Fergusson in 2nd. Shortly after getting up to Fergusson, Herrmann must have made a mistake as we closed right up on him.

    The following 6 laps or so were some of the most fun I have had in a while. It was an intense, but clean race at front between the three of us. Herrmann was really pushing the pace clocking consistently in the low 1.17's. My PB was a 1.17 flat. Fergusson eventually made a mistake in T2 cutting the corner to tight and spinning the car, allowing me to take 2nd place and I was right on Herrmann's tail. :D

    Unfortunatly I made a small mistake in the following chicane giving Herrmann an instant 4+ second lead. I was pulling him back again slowly, but ended up making yet another small mistake in the same spot. So I did my best to settle in and brought home a rather lonely second.

    Thanks to Andrew and RD for putting on this great event. Can't wait for the next one. :D
  3. Jeroen van Toorn

    Jeroen van Toorn

    Had a great night. Qualified 3th, 5th and 2nd.
    First race my engine was getting hot all the time so i had to balance between speed and keeping my engine together, got to be 3rd in the end.
    Second race i forgot... :( don't have the replay in my head, lol)
    Third race had a pretty decent start (sorry Rob for blocking you there). Got bumped in the back, but no one waited. Lost 4 places, and then i bumped in to Matt who spun and could not evade him. Was a bit *** and decided to end the race.

    Thnx RD, Andrew for and amazing event once again, and all for a great night!
  4. Matt Crouch

    Matt Crouch

    Bit of a mixed one

    Race 1, unlucky start as Ryan who was 2 places directly in front couldn't move. As the person in front managed to move out the way I was left staring at a stopped car and ploughed straight into it :embarrassed:. Bit of chaos, made up a bunch of places as pretty much everybody was still unfamiliar with quite a tricky track, and kept dropping them myself too. Good race though, particularly with Nuno, apologies for ths hit. Was trying to predict the future as I thought I saw you moving to the outside, so I went to the inside. Turns out I can't predict the future. :bulgy-eyes:. Not sure that this track is really suited to the Rads though :p

    Race 2, Qualified 5th and had a fairly good start but I was spun on lap 1 which took me out of the main pack, which I was still mainly keeping up with for the rest of the race just x seconds behind, so a bit disappointing. Good race with Vedran and Stefan though as it came to a head when Vedran was catching up to me and I was catching up to Stefan.

    Race 3, Qualified 5th again, and was spun on the first lap again :dont-know:, pushed from behind while I was going at full throttle round a corner no less. Then as I rejoined I made the mistake of getting in Vedran's path (sorry), and waited for him to rejoin. By this time I was quite a long way down and had a bad lap on top of that. Did have an amusing race for the rest of the time as it is a nice track. Overtook Nick a few times and then made a mistake and lost it again :party2:

    I was expecting there to be some spins etc in these races as it's easy to lock up in the Rads sometimes, but would've been nice if people had waited.

    Personally I think we should do some nice wide american style tracks like limerock mountain [which was of course in the first of these events in the 252s], where people are less prone to spin each other, and they will suit the faster rads really well too. Ones we haven't done include Watkins Glen, Road One, Paul Ricard, Road america maybe, as well as others possibles like Osterreichring, Zolder to mix it up. Would be nice to do Suzuka if there was a version which didn't minidump people :hint:. These narrow tracks are fun but it's difficult to have a clean race on them.
  5. Michael Herrmann

    Michael Herrmann

    had a pretty good praccy and found the final speed in qualy then i pulled a out a quality lap that gave me pole with a gab of 1.1 sec to 2nd :)

    had a bad start but could keep Marin behind me after a few laps he was gone in my mirror and i had a lonely race till the end
    scored 1st

    could not find my speed came not under 1.32 while i was earlyer that day running constand 1.30's with fuel. in qualy i finaly pulled a good lap together
    and got 2nd with a 1.30.5 while Marin clocked a 1.30.1

    my start was good had a run on MArin but braked to early so he got past and away lol nice speed you showed there Marin
    made an error and dropped back to 6th sorry Bruno for spinning you,
    after we had sorted us again i startet to hunt down the 4 guys in front of me first i got a run on Bruno, then i closed the gab to Lewis, Rob and Jeroem quite fast one of the red cars spun it it i think Jeroem so i was up to 4th
    and had a run on Lewis, after i catched him was going to intimidate Rob as hard as i could :p with lite flashing from miles away etc :p
    till he finaly made a error coming out of turne 1 and i got a run on him to turne 3, from then i had a quite disturbing Lewis chasing me as my tyers where death meat wd mate
    scored 2nd

    had a awsome praccy and qualy and clocked a new pb with a 1.16.9 in praccy. in qualy i messed up my lap but still clocked a 1.17.1 wich still gave me pole

    got a exelent start and smashed the door right into rob or Jeroems face into turne 1. then first half of the race was pretty uneventfull wich lead me to spin it at the highspeed left downhill corner that one with bump
    from then i had a 15% offset stearingweel and a Lewis steaming up from behind like a train
    i realy tryed everything to keep him behind and if he had it not spunned out he probaly had get me 1 or 2 laps later
    as the pressure Stefan put on me was not so disturbing as what Lewis did ;D still had to fight to not make anymore mistakes but finished 1st with a nearly totaly wrecked front susspension
    scored 1st

    what a nice event, rads are always a good choise for me :)
    thanks to Andrew for setting it up and RD for Hosting this quality event
    cant wait for the next event if iam right it will have a 20 min run on the hell ?? ... lol 3 lap races i love :p
  6. Stefan Werner

    Stefan Werner

    Check out the replay, it's really worth watching. :) You weren't the only one under pressure! :D

    Bring it on! :rotfl:
  7. Nick Deeley

    Nick Deeley

    Some good racing, even if i was a little (!) off the pace. Kept it consistent most of the time though and gained from others mistakes. Had a good battle with Matt in the 3rd race, and also Kieran in race 1 where he kept falling off the track, but eventually ran out of fuel.

    Letting the leaders past was a bit tricky, especially on race 3 where the track is quite narrow. The winner got me on the s/f straight which was handy, but for the other 2 or 3 drivers, you caught me in the bendy bits, so it was tricky to let you past and not lose too much time.

    With these cars i was struggling, in particular race 3, with cornering speed, it just dropped off from entry to mid corner. Only when i straightened the wheels up it picked up slightly. I couldnt find a decent setup for any of the 3 tracks. Also a bit of trouble putting the power down out of slow corners in 1st gear, no traction control, controller so no foot control either, all fingers and thumbs.

    Looking forward to the next race!

  8. Niels Pedersen

    Niels Pedersen

    I can only say sorry for my no-show, my internet line didn't agree with me, and threw me off for 5 hours ^^ :(
  9. Andrew Evans

    Andrew Evans

    thanks to all who came out... 3 echsolent races indeed....

    didn't really know any of the tracks beforehand... but soon picked them up... and even nogaro was much nicer than i gave it credit for initially.... picked up a 4th in the first and third... never really found a good line around some of the corners at jarama...

    running in jeroens smoking engine for a large part of race 1.... excellent fights with my favourite sparing partner, nuno, all evening :good: :good: and gp 200!! tracks don't come much sweeter!

    personally, i thought the tracks suited the car well.... rads love corners... and there were lots... ho ho ho....

    can see the minis at all of these further on down the lie-eee-ine!.... </axlrose>
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