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Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by Pär Öqvist, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. Pär Öqvist

    Pär Öqvist

    A lot of people seem to just pass this over. That there is no section for it here is kind of symbolic it´s not a small budget title afterall.

    It´s free this month on uplay. Bear in mind though you may want to get Wild run which is not included.

    What I seen so far is a mixed bag. The driving model felt really sub par however my 370z does get better and better with the upgrades which is cool. Still I doubt it will ever be up with my top top 5 arcade physics titles but this is very subjective of course.

    It supports at least 4 separate usb devices probably more! You can map every single button can´t complain about the controller support. This helps to overlook the driving physics as when using my gear as long as I don´t try to stay within the limits it does feel good to just cruise around and is certainly more rewarding then a stock TX. This game screams for an H-shifter.

    The map is absolutely humongous entire US is simulated. Not 1:1 scale but you surely have to spend several hours going from coast to coast I recon. The competitions is not the most inspiring but it falls into the same category as Euro Truck Simulator 2 for me. You can just relax with it and you can really go places ;)

    I just have three big gripes with it. The camera. They have some "look to apex" camera that is very aggressive and sometimes almost cause motion sickness. I read it does have TrackIR support hopefully this remove this feature! And TrackIR support by itself is huge.

    Also due to all the streaming required it don´t run all that smooth. A bit like Euro Truck Simulator 2 but that title have slower cars so it is not quite as noticable as in the Crew. I was lowering setting after setting until I realized it didn´t matter.

    Third epic rubber banding. Did a race performed very badly but I had a sold 3 second lead with only straights left. But the rubber band gave the AI some 80 km/h top speed advantage or something and I wasn´t behind long enough to reovertake. I could add stupid AI but AI is stupid by definition just more or less so it feels tiresome to bring that up. But AI in midnight club LA and FH 2 is genious in comparison :)

    Surely recommend checking it out if you want something to relax with.
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