The Corner Cutting Penalty

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  1. Rob


    I thought I'd give some snippets of how the corner cutting has evolved since the pre-alpha and beta videos have come out. It's my understanding that the penalty is still there, as your car will ghost (but still be visible, so others can have plenty of time to avoid it before it turns back into metal) for the time the penalty is applied. But the penalty, unlike previous versions, is much more gradual to slow you down and speed you up (so you don't notice it as much) and does not take as much time away from your lap (only the time gained by the cut, so if no time is gained, then there is no penalty). Also, you will have to clearly have all four wheels off the track surface AND gain time but the cut to incur the penalty. In the words of Codmasters:

    "Another thing about the penalties - if you're judged to have gained half a second, you'll only get a penalty worth half a second. It no longer multiplies the time gained as it did in the earlier preview builds. So minor infractions caused by being shoved off track will only earn minor penalties."

    "But still, if u have all four wheel outside white line and don't gain, you are not penalized? That's correct, no gain = no penalty."

    "We ghost cars during a penalty so that cars very close behind that have no chance to get out of the way don't get into a crash. It doesn't replace the need for common sense and giving each other racing room. That's true of any system."

    "The off track surfaces are much more realistic than they were in GRID2, where you could pretty much hold full speed even off road. In Autosport, you’ve got a realistic amount of grip and slowdown on grass, gravel etc, which makes it pretty tricky to drive off road and gain an advantage."