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I race with a ..... ?

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    Votes: 452 88.8%
  • Controller

    Votes: 43 8.4%
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First: I have converted to do mostly offline race so you don't see me that much online :)
This is my controllers!:
Fanatec CSW 1.5 + Formula Rim + Porsche 918 RSR Rim +Universal Hub with G25 Rim -modified (looks almost like the Lotus 98T wheel) + CSP V2|Shifter: ClubSport SQ EU|Handbrake G25 Shifter with Bodnar shifter interface adapter USB


Been racing with a wheel ever since I was 11 years old. The wheels I had then where cheap and always broke after about a month or two. Saved up my lunch money every time and purchased another one because I ain't trying to go back to a controller! :p Currently a proud owner of Logitech G27 4 years strong. Wheel, pedals, and shifter knob modded:thumbsup::cool:

Dave Begley

Not raced for a couple of years but have recently dusted off my DFGT, clubsport elite peddles and th8rs shifter. now i just have to see if i still have the pace to be last :cry::D
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