The BMW Motorsport/JPS Team BMW 323i/325i

Back in the day, the JPS BMW Team dominated the early days of Australian Group A racing, first in the BMW 635CSi in the years '85 and '86 then the M3 came in '87. After the 1987 season the JPS Team disbanded. While they were racing in the Australian Touring Car scene they had an E30 for 2 seasons.

For the 1985 season, youngster Tony Longhurst raced the BMW 323i E30 which is a magnificent little race car, it proved well at shorter tracks being very lightweight and having great handling/braking. The car was in BMW Motorsport colours, although being managed by Frank Gardner and the JPS Team the car was owned by BMW Australia.

The BMW Motorsport 323i

Come 1986 the team has upgraded to the more powerful 325i, the car now in JPS Gold and Black colours. They had more success with the E30 this season finishing 4th overall in the Australian Touring Car Championship.

Tony Longhurst in a great battle with the Ford Mustang 5.0 GT of Australian Motorsport veteran Dick Johnson

Tony Longhurst in the JPS BMW 323i that was converted to a 325i the following year. It still races in Australia in the Heritage Touring Car Class, a different car to the white 323i and the black 325i racing the mustang