The birthplace of RaceDepartment has been restored

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Dec 26, 2006
Hi guys,

After a long time i have finally been able to restore our first ever free forum we started in 2006.

As some of you might know we have started this community already a few years back when the founders where still driving in the original Racing Till Sleep racing team. (later changed to Roaring Pipes Maniacs, still active today here)

This legendary racing team was driving the toca race driver 2 game of codemasters 24/7 and when RACE by Simbin was released we decided to start our own forum and organize our first ever RPM league.

Our old free forum was shut down in 2006 because the previous host didn't like it that we abandoned it, and all this time i had the impression it was deleted.

Until by accident i found back the old URL and saw that there was a new administration active. Immediately i contacted them with the request to have it temporary restored to show you guys how we started in the early days (big lol for the mess) and today it got activated again :thumb:

Take a jump into history and visit the place where it all started a few years ago lol:


Our thanks goes to for helping us out with this request!

Mark Birney

Sep 13, 2008
Very interesting! I wonder if many of the members are still here, as it's just nicknames.

Great find, like a mini history lesson (Pre-Race07) :D

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Dec 26, 2006
TheStig[RPM] = me
Scyp[RPM] = Yoeri Gijsen
Neo[RPM]:) = Attila Domjan
lol so funny :)

Kyle Evers

Quite interesting I must admit. Very dead looking forum though, not too much activity even at it's time.

Neil Gault

Feb 21, 2008
I think for a lot when broadband became available it was toca that was the sim of choice, used to love it myself and drove with several handles but most of the time it was using blootoon then all-fooked-up, i think i still have all the toca set (1, 2 & 3) here somewhere.

Pieter Theron

Mar 12, 2009
Only seen this thread now but...

I think to be able to walk down memory lane to humble beginnings is hugely rewarding without living in the past. It makes you realize how much an single idea has grown it also makes you appreciate the good and bad times.

Well done...

Thomas Hackel

Honk - Forum Games Moderator
Dec 29, 2006
@ Bram: Can you restore it again? It would be nice to read about the "historic" times. :smile:

(or is it even possible to copy the complete forum into a RD-History thread?)
Jul 12, 2008
It's a shame it's down - perhaps you can achieve the whole site, and upload it to then it'll be available forever :p