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RIDE 4 The best!

Donnington National, in the wet.
I'm on an MV Agusta Tamburini 2006, I've got a 2008 Fireblade all over me.
He's so fast through Coppice, but I have the edge at the old hairpin. I'm having to spin my rear tyre wherever I can to try and get some heat into it.
Oh so subtle throttle control is needed, changing down as late as possible to just try and stay on the track.
FIVE laps of the most thrilling racing I've ever had. I won by 0.02 seconds.

Ride 4 simply is the best. I have thousands of hours in racing sims, but Ride 4 is giving me so much satisfaction.
I'm still shaking, my heart was thumping out of my chest! I need a coffee!