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The Best Simracer out there?

So, what's your honest and unbiased opinion on which is the best simracer out there, based on physics-, graphics-, sound-, gameplay-, multiplayer- and VR-wise?

I've tried iRacing but switched to R3E because of the feel in R3E. But I must admit I'm considering going back because there's always a race to join, in iRacing. I just don't know.

And what about Multiclass and GT racing? Should I be patient and wait for GTR3 (or what it will be named)?
Many threads on this. The general consensus is play a few as there isn't just one that does everything.
I don't use VR but AMS, rf2, AC are all great.
Each have their own merits in their own rights; hence not one can be considered the best IMO.
Overall if I was to pick one over any it would be RF2, purely from FFB, nothing comes close, and this is the most important element for me.