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    Hello pilots!

    I'm new here, just register myself and play my first racing Assetto Corsa, (0.7.5), I'm in love with this game, I'm not a professional player like most here, with wheels, cockpits and all . I have a wireless Xbox joystick, had never played Assetto Corsa, I am a good rider in MotoGP in 2013, and I am, ooops, it was! fan of need for speed shift, passing far from a racing simulator, but I had it with paths and adjustments to get closer to reality, but it was still pretty bad, but I could come in first, almost always, having to overcome existing damn imput lag in game. and damn butter spread on the asphalt of the game.
    Assetto Corsa has no imput lag, real sense of speed, perfect details, reflections very close to reality, and the game is not finished? this is great ..
    I thought a little weak part of racing (events), to speak the truth, bad, I'm not used to chase and get better times fighting a ghost, it was a bit boring for me .. even find this forum, withdrew useful information here to make my own events, and did some ferrari pagani and events, I will post them here as soon as you can, warm disputes with ferraris available in the game and pagani vs Zontar huayra.

    Now I leave here one question: how this game handles SLI? I have two GTX460 a saved, win performance using SLI?
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    Post is a week old now and nobody provided an answer?

    Can somebody please help @leonardoaraujo out?
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    I use a 670 Asus in SLI and it works fine. No issues till now.
  4. Tim Meuris

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    Hi Leo...

    look in the ACforum here at rd
    two sli-threads matey :geek:
  5. Leemstradamus

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    First sorry for the lack of input from us. Second welcome to the forums!

    As far as SLI performance in general it seems to be pretty good. There is a bug when racing over a certain amount of AI and having the HUD implemented you get a significant drop in fps. Hiding the hud fixes this. Also assetto corsa is big on gpu memory. If I'm correct the GTX 460 only had something like 1.2 gigs worth at your disposal. Not sure how familiar you are with how SLI works but having two or more cards doesn't increase your ram capacity. It stays the same since the textures are mirrored across all cards being used.