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Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by David Turnbull, Dec 8, 2016.

  1. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
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    I just want to say a big Thanks to both @Peter Decker and @April Dillon for all the work they have put in to keep PrestoGP and season 16 going, without both we we most likely wouldve gone to the great big sim race in the sky.

    Peters work on the server has been tireless and having to be there each race even though hes studying to be the worlds next Einstein he has managed it all very well, I want you back driving asap though Peter your speed and talent in Rf2 is sorely missed on track :)

    April has stepped up and kept all our results in order for the last few seasons and this past season had more work to do with updating the forum, she is now PrestoGP admin which is in a way a thanks for her hard work but also that she has been ever present and always shows the PrestoGP spirit with help and tips. she is by far one of our most respected and knowledgeable members.

    I for one am glad to have you both with us and all of PrestoGP owes you both a debt of gratitude :)
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  2. April Dillon

    April Dillon

    Thank you @David Turnbull for your kind words. I'm looking forward to many more seasons of Presto with you and @Peter Decker!

    @Peter Decker 's the one who gives us a server to run on, and keeps it running smoothly. Another side effect of Peter doing it instead of us borrowing one from RD is this is how non-premium RD members can race here. So all of us who are racing here without a premium account have Peter to thank for that. Y'know, in case giving us a great server in the first place isn't enough to thank him anyway! :D

    But ultimately @David Turnbull's commitment to PrestoGP and the importance of the values we celebrate here is what brings the series together and ultimately makes it happen. And has done ever since the switch to rF2, when David pretty much took over the show.

    Thank you also to everyone who took part. It's been great seeing so many new people join the fun and settle into the PrestoGP spirit. And thank you also to the veterans who've stuck with us over the years!

    Looking forward to more happy memories with everyone. :D
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  3. Peter Decker

    Peter Decker
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    Thank you @David Turnbull! And @April Dillon! It's a pleasure being in the Presto business, although my better half has become slightly disturbed occasionally when dinners have been interrupted etc. :D No but seriously, it's such a reward to put in the effort for every one participating. :) I'm hoping to get more driving done from next season onwards.

    And I am indeed glad too for having April on this racing train. Without her contribution to all this - the neat behind-the-scenes results-handling system, the generous in-depth knowledge sharing and constant willingness to help - we would have had a really hard time. Thank you April for all your contribution!

    And I think April put the most important part perfect:
    David, you never seize to amaze me how it seems to come so natural to you how to handle all the situations that arise. The Presto spirit flows in you and spreads to everyone around. The padawan became a master a long long time ago.

    Thanks to every single participant that has put time and commitment into this season! I'm looking forward to next season!
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