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Thank You Note to RD Community & Reiza.

Rixamus Hart

Oct 7, 2012
Hello speed demons and flying angels of GSCE. A.K.A the men and women of high gaming standing :D

Firstly, what a community. I would like to say thank-you to Reiza for being everything a consumate game producer should be. They interact with fans, help problem-solving and provide in my opionion, the best racing sim experience. They respond to community bug reports and fix them. This is a revelation in regards to some gaming industry peers. Respect goes a long way in life. Computer software is never 100% bug-free, and the community has been supportive and helpful in all areas on RD.

Secondly, the modders. Within 1 day of v.1.20, we had updates to many tracks from Patrick and Alfredo, and others from different groups including the Skin-makers. And they do this without any particular personal gains, in a type of positive feed-back loop, we all contribute to give the modders a reason to build their skills, in turn, we learn to drive better on their tracks. They make GSCE more personalised. We all win.

Lastly, Race Department is a very fair community and forum, I don't see any of the shenegens present in some forums groups and they are open to critisism that allows for postive growth and development which is in the first instance a free service. The premium I feel is worth the value, (which I will be signing up for) and I look forward to racing online once I have the time.

I love the stars of the show, the 2014 V8's. They are beasts with beautiful faces and are a dream to drive, and sometimes I play with keyboard on my 18.4 inch laptop, they translate feel in every control option.

The future is good for GSCE/Reiza (the Sim racing equivalent of CDProjektRed). and it's underrated sister, FT.

Nemaste. Cheers. Jolly Ho.
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