Thailand GP 2015

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by glendo, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. glendo



    so... what GP that exists will Evil B get rid of? my money is on the Australian GP going.
    - he doesnt make enough money from it. He makes most of his money now on New GP's, hence why there is pretty much a new one every year now. New countries pay a premium for a chance at a GP.
    - Australia doesnt want to go full night race and is fighting it. Thailand will be a night race
    - Melbourne contract ends in 2015
    - BE has been slowly moving almost every F1 racetrack he can to either a tilke-drones or useless city street circuits (with a few exceptions like monza, monaco, suzuka etc.)
    - IMO he makes more money for himself on moving and building tracks than on anything else.


    i just want Bernie to hurry up and die, for the sake of F1. another mickey mouse street circuit
  2. Tony Holder

    Tony Holder

    Can't imagine Australia not being in the calender.
  3. Johnny Russian

    Johnny Russian

    really hope Aus doesn't go, i really love that circuit!

    I think South Korea is very likely to get dropped soon as it isn't making any money, they could replace that race with Thailand. the Korean circuit is quite boring anyway so i wouldn't mind if it got replaced.

    Bahrain could go as well and i really don't think anyone would blink.