Texture map


I'm making a track that I'd like at one point putting in game for good, since I'm using the game to test the layout (I also have a car already done that I will try to import it also), but I can't really find the the texture map used by the game? Is it in normal map, metal and roughness or bump, specular and glossiness? Or something else?

Also after finding some tuto about track, I've seen that the game prefer DDS to PNG even if it accept both, does that mean that an Alpha map can be needed?

its the material and the underlying texture for it you have assigned in your 3d-software per uv-mapping; it is then used in ksEditor, and you can change its properties there
So the game doesn't car if I texture in PBR metal roughness or specular, he take what the material give him?

I've tested a road adding normal/ao/roughness and displacement map, but the ksEditor only load the Diffuse map, do I have to plug them in the ksEditor? If yes, where? (My only experience with it for now has just been loading the FBX then exporting in KN5 to test the layout)
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