Test: 1986 F1 LE mod

There is a new iteration of the great 1986 F1 mod over on the Studio 397 forum (the official rF2 forums) for festive testing.
The cars have a new physics that allow the lag-boost model to err on the side of drivability instead of the insane 1400hp all-at-once model of the older version. it starts on page 45 of the third party content/vehicles/F1 1986 forum, and if you care for old-school, H gate, turbo madness, then your Xmas's wishes have arrived just on time!
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Denis Betty

The older I get, the better I was.
Yes mate, I found the pack download. :)
Only driven the McLaren so far. Took it around Watkins Glen, really nice.
Would make for a decent club race I reckon. ;)