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Technical Problems - Crash Diagnosus?


So my Assetto Corsa was fine yesterday, able to use mod cars on mod tracks and everything. Today, it struggles to even do base game stuff. Only concrete change, I think, between yesterday and today is my disabling of McAfee, as it keeps deleting my Content Manager as a 'virus', even on the real-time scan exclusion list.
Here's what CM said the crash error was about:

How do I solve this problem?


And does McAfee's disabling solve the problem if you try to reinstall Content Manager ?

I'd guess that the problem is due to the heuristic analysis of the antivirus .... even though the exception is done for CM ... any new update for it ... makes it different than the one before and the analysis is done as for a full new file.

NB it looks like a problem of the best known antivirus including this heuristic analysis as I'm nearly sure only those 6 or 7 AV suites are creating this kind of problem ....
I already had such a problem with Norton in the past with other .exe and had a look at VirusTotal at the time: .... except those 6 or 7 AVs ... no other one did detect them as Trojan or Malware or Spyware.
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