Technical newbie questions

Koray Can

Jan 18, 2009
I'm very new to serious sim racing. In my brief stint at the driving school of GTR2, I noticed that I was able to beat the instructor only at pretty high framerates (80+). Do you think you can do well at around 60? What rate are you guys typically running GTR Evo at?

I also noticed (methinks) that the instructor was slipping the clutch around certain corners. My momo wheel has no clutch pedal. How much does an analog clutch pedal improve laptimes? Would you recommend turning autoclutch off and binding clutch to a button on the wheel?

Thanks for the replies.

Attila Domján

Dec 26, 2006
Very low frame rates can influence performance, eg 20-30, but i dont think that anything above 60 you suffer any disadvantage from.

About the clutch, i use it only at the start, during driving you do not really need it. Mapping a button to use it as a clutch at the starts do perfectly fine for the purpose too.