Technical Issues "Join Timeout" and "Connection Lost" errors

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by epik1, Sep 18, 2015.

  1. epik1


    Hi guys,
    sort of new to this.

    My friend and I are running rFactor 1 v1.255, we're literally running the same exact files in terms of mods , tracks, etc.
    All we want to do is drift with each other, we've both tried creating our own sessions as well as joining the dedicated drift servers who are running the Project D 2.0 Race series.

    We've tried connecting direct by IP, we've attempted using Hamachi (only because I remember it working in my Starcraft days).
    Whenever we try to create our own session and join I get a "Join Time out" message. Whenever I try to connect to the dedicated server I get in, race starts and about 2 seconds into the session I get "connection lost"

    only thing we've changed in the multiplayer.ini file is the concurrent server line, only so we can see each other's sessions when we've attempted to join each other.

    We both tried turning off our Windows firewall completely, both running Windows 7 and we turned off any anti-virus.

    Please help!

  2. Kjell Nielsen

    Kjell Nielsen

    Easiestway is that someone host be the server in the game then other drivers join the server look in the lobby server.
    or start dedicated server and do it that way also possible.

    IF the one that host the server is behind a router it can be prb that onher drivers not can join time out and so on as you say

    often join time out because the host server not have open up rfactor ports

    host games not use routers works always no need open up ports in a ROUTER to host games

    wanna now what port that is used to open in the router when host server CurrPorts v1.80 start dedicated server and start CurrPorts what ports that program use when start.rar

    Then u now what ports you must open to your server in the router GL
  3. Tom Fitch

    Tom Fitch

    Based on my experience, "Join Time Out" in rFactor almost always indicates a mismatch in the .gdb or .rfm files. rFactor is quiet sensitive to those.


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