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Teach me how to drive

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by amadi, Sep 15, 2017.

  1. amadi


    Hi guys I really want learn how to drift but after watching many videos and reading about I got nowhere. I use Assetto Corsa with thrustmaster tx racing wheel 458 italia edition with gte wheel add-on th8a shifter and t3pa pedals. Decent setup I guess.

    This is the list what I last tried

    -bmw e30 drift/standard with 90s tires (Scandinavian flick, clutch kick) and lots of space from skid pad mod. I tried for 2h and not even once I was able to catch the drift.

    -my main concern is that not knowing how to do that, every time I made a mistake on the racetrack like in the race for example. I spins or game over. Very small oversteer I can do it but that's it.

    -I did notice that I don't know how to position hands what moment I countersteer. I just keep spinning.

    I know now that after spending more than 3years occasionally racing on different games but mostly practicing. The only way to make me learn how to do it and correcting my mistakes is actually have someone to show me in real 1to1 ratio. On the simulator of course

    My question is. I live in the U.K. In York is anyone who knows how to do and it is willing to help me and lives here in UK? I will pay of course not that much because I cannot afford it but definitely will make it worth it. I can travel or be a host. I will pay also for any expense it.

    I think that could be fun for both of us and additionally chance to have a chat live with someone who is into sim racing and see in action how to do it properly.

    Please guys York is beautiful and you will not regret it.

    Thank you