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TCL ETCC 1985 Skinpack by Intelpower and Rot Teufel

ETCC 1985 Skinpack by Intelpower and Rot Teufel

Probably the most difficult skinpack, expecially by searching images, logos and infoes for all drivers. The main problem was cars race numbers.
Before 1986 numbers were assigned race by race and the order was given to the cars/team by inscription date. This mean a lot of duplicates.
For a total of 42 new entries with 45 liveries, this is the biggest addon skinpackafter official ATCC skinpack ('85 - '92).

We have decided that main numeration will follow Spa race. The others cars are a long search results by chassis numbers, photos, video and scaled models (if avaible). Here numbers were chosen by the most used number in race (or in some case, the only number used) or based on the best
photo avaible to recreate close as possible the livery.

Basically it's a huge BMW collection with six Volvos, three Rovers and 13 Corollas.
Until TCL authors will not release a better GTV6 (actually the beta is a physical mess; graphics are too) there'll be no additional Class 2 cars.
Enjoy this new pack and have fun.

Rot Teufel and Intelpower

Additional Credtis:

TCL original authors for Corolla Cupè #72 and #87
Big thanks to Sarpt for Holvoet Racing #85 big yellow logo.

For photos, videos, infoes:

Racing Sports Cars.net, Touring Car Racing.net, BowdensOwn, CK Modelcars.de, TenTenths Motorsport Forum, Le Mans Models.nl and everyone we forget.


The sing "*" is used for M.T.Z. Motorsport original Spa skin (#09) and it's Brno alt version (#15)
The sing "+" is used for Bavaria Automobiles original Spa skin (#10) and it's Brno alt version (#12)

you need Tourign Car Legends 1.1 mod installed.
This pack contains bumper files for pre 1986 Rover Vitesse. Anyway without BTCC 83-84 official skinpack this will be not possibile.
So if you don't have this pack, download it. It worths







Rover Vitesse

01 Bastos Texaco Racing Team Driven by: Tom Walkinshaw (GB)/Win Percy (GB)/Hans Heyer (D) (Bastos and NT livery)
06 Bastos Texaco Racing Team Driven by: Jean-Louis Schlesser (F)Armin Hahne (D)/Jeff Allam (GB)
07 Bastos Texaco Racing Team Driven by: Eddy Joosen (B)/Martin Brundle (GB)/Tom Walkinshaw (GB)

BMW 635

03 BMW Belgium Driven by: Dieter Quester (A)/Markus Oestreich (D)/Johnny Cecotto (YV)
05 BMW Belgium Driven by: Roberto Ravaglia (I)/Gerhard Berger (A)/Marc Surer (CH) (Spa and Macau)
09 M.T.Z. Motorsport Driven by: Zdenek Vojtech (CS)/Bretislav Enge (CS)/Jacques Jansen (B) (Spa+)
10 Bavaria Automobiles Driven by: Michel de Deyne (B)/Claude Bourgoignie (B)/Guyaux (B) (Spa*)
18 Jumet Motors Racing Driven by: Willy Maljean (B)/Philippe Hoebeke (B)/"Jean Hex" (B)
19 Jumet Motors Racing Driven by: "Jean Hex" (B)/Alex Guyaux (B)
29 De Gems-Simons Racing Driven by: Valentin Simons (B)/Paul Simons (B)/Bretislav Enge (CS) (Zolder)
34 Jean-Pierre Cartel Driven by: Jean-Pierre Castel (F)/Lucien Guitteny (F) (Zolder)

Volvo 240T

26 Ake Bachi AB Driven by: Åke Ernstson (S)/Jürg Bächi (S)/Jan Mattsson (S) (Anderstop)

Toyota Corolla Cupè

79 I.M.C. Toyota Driven by: Hermann Tilke (D)/Robert Schumacher (D) (Brno)

Rot Teufel

BMW 635

04 Auto Budde Team Driven by: Axel Felder (D)/Jürgen Hamelmann (D)/Robert Walterscheid-Müller (D)
09 Karl Oppitzhauser Driven by: Karl Oppitzhauser (A)/Georg Pacher (A) (Zolder)
12 Bavaria Automobiles Driven by: Claude Ballot-Léna (F)/Jean-Claude Andruet (F)/René Metge (F) (Spa)
12 Bavaria Automobiles Driven by: Claude Ballot-Léna (F)/Jean-Claude Andruet (F)/René Metge (F) (Brno* alt skin)
15 M.T.Z. Motorsport Driven by: Zdenek Vojtech (CS)/Bretislav Enge (CS) (Brno+ alt skin)
14 BMW Italia Driven by: Umberto Grano (I)/Marco Micangeli (I)/Maurizio Micangeli (I)
15 BMW Italia Driven by: Giuseppe Briozzo (I)/Carlo Pietromarchi (I)/Fabien Giroix (F)
16 BMW Italia Driven by: Giancarlo Naddeo (I)/Tony Palma (I) (Donington)
16 Bavaria Automobiles Driven by: Jean-Marie Pirnay (B)/Pierre de Thoisy (F)/Philippe Haezebrouck (F)
21 Brun Motorsport Driven by: Thierry Boutsen (B)/Walter Brun (CH)/Harald Grohs (D)
23 BMW Belgium Driven by: Manfred Winkelhock (D)/Hervé Regout (B)/Jo Gartner (A)
24 BMW Belgium Driven by: Jean-Michel Martin (B)/Philippe Martin (B)/Gordon Spice (GB)
26 Bavaria Automobiles Driven by: Paul Belmondo (F)/François Hesnault (F)/Romain Feitler (L)
28 Seikel Motorsport Driven by: Girolamo Capra (I)/Giovanni da Schio (I) (Zolder)
31 Excelsior Driven by: Cyriel Raes (B)/Schreurs (Zolder)

Volvo 240T

02 Eggenberger Motor Sport Driven by: Gianfranco Brancatelli (I)/Siegfried Müller Jr. (D)/Thomas Lindström (S)
08 Magnum Racing Driven by: Ulf Grandberg (S)/Anders Olofsson (S)/Ingvar Karlsson (S)
09 Restaurant Catelin AB Magnum Driven by: Tommy "Slim" Borgudd (S)/Sune Ohlsson (S)/Michael Strauch (S) (Vallelunga)
11 Eggenberger Motor Sport Driven by: Carlo Rossi (I)/Pierre Dieudonné (B)/Didier Theys (B)
14 Team Calcado Fundador Driven by: Antonio Rodrigues (P)/Ferreria DaSilva (P) (Estoril)
17 Erle McRae Racing Driven by: Charlie O'Brien (AUS)/Graham Baker (AUS) (Donington)

Toyota Corolla Cupè

70 Fritzinger Motorsport Driven by: Dirk De Sterck (B)/Klaus Fritzinger (D)/Dirk Vermeersch (B)
72 Fritzinger Motorsport Driven by: Milos Bychl (CS)/Massimo Micangeli (I)/Werner Lohmann (D)
80 Janssen Toyota Driven by: Pierre Jamin, (B)/Ferdinand de Lesseps (F)/Bruno di Gioia (B)
82 Equipe Nachsem Driven by: José Close (B) André Hardy (B)/Emmanuel Remion (B)
83 Breuer Toyota Driven by: Michel Luxen (B)/Philippe Hortulanus (B)/Gregoire De Mévius (B)
85 Holvoet Racing Driven by: Claude Holvoet (B)/Freddy Fruhauf (B)/Koschia
86 Holvoet Racing Driven by: Dominique Holvoet (B)/Noël Van Den Eeckhout (B)/R. De Mey (B)
87 Baert Toyota Driven by: Baert (B)/Philippe De Leener (B)/Francis Lacroix (B)
88 Cornix Toyota Driven by: Pierre Fermine (B)/Serge de Liedekerke (B)/Eggermont

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