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TCL ETCC 1984 Skinpack

TCL ETCC 1984 Skinpack by TCL Revival and satoridb

Another year, another pack. This time we're proud to present the ETCC 1984 season. Main credits goes to satoridb, he made all skins and kindly
allowed us to carry on his project (born on GTR2). Mainly we enanche and correct some small details that miss on some cars, giving more accurancy
to the whole package.
Numeration will follow Spa race, since before 1986 numbers were given race to race inscription, so this made hard to assings numbers to the few
non Spa cars.

Enojy this new pack

TCL Revival Team & satoridb

you need Tourign Car Legends 1.1 mod installed.
This pack contains bumper files for pre 1986 Rover Vitesse. Anyway without BTCC 83-84 official skinpack this will be not possibile.
So if you don't have this pack, download it. It worths


And don't forgot the talent files kindly uploaded from philiprob: http://www.mediafire.com/download/d9xs7gm6a064w7g/TCL_talent_files.rar

TCL Revival Team is just a small TCL fan people group not related with original TCL Team. We're two separate teams.




As written above all credits goes to satoridb. We (Rot Teufel & intelpower) just improove, enanche all missing small details to have a better
livery accurancy.
Anyway we're able to add one more skin, the InfraPaint Volvo from Brno.

Edited by intelpower +
Edited by Rot Teufel *

BMW 635

#01 Team Schnitzer Driven by: Dieter Quester (A)/Hans-Joachim Stuck (D)/James Weaver (GB) (Spa, Silverstone, Donington) *
#02 Bastos Juma Racing Team Driven by: Thierry Tassin (B)/Alain Cudini (F)/Dany Snobeck (F) +
#03 Bastos Juma Racing Team Driven by: Pierre-Alain Thibaut (B)/Jo Gartner (A) +
#04 Team Schnitzer Driven by: Roberto Ravaglia (I)/Gerhard Berger (A)/Manfred Winkelhock (D) (Spa, Silverstone, Donington) *
#05 BMW Italia Driven by: Gianfranco Brancatelli (I)/Marc Surer (CH)/Helmut Kelleners (D) *
#06 BMW Italia Driven by: Umberto Grano (I)/Gianfranco Brancatelli (I)/Siegfried Müller, Jr. (D) *
#07 Hartge Motorsport Driven by: Bretislav Enge (CS)/Henny Hemmes (NL) +
#07 Eggenberger Motorsport Driven by: René Hollinger (CH)/Marco Vanoli (CH) (Donington) *
#08 Hartge Motorsport Driven by: Zdenek Vojtech (CS)/Maurizio Micangeli (I)/Fritzsche (D) +
#09 Ecurie Garage du Bac/Motul Driven by: René Hollinger (CH)/Jean Krucker (CH)/Fabien Giroix (F) *
#10 Auto Budde Team Driven by: Jürgen Hamelmann (D)/Axel Felder (D)/Richter (D) (Spa, Silverstone) *
#10 Würth Racing Team International Driven by: Stefan Johansson (S)/Zdenek Vojtech (CS) (Donington) *
#18 Somati Driven by: Michel de Deyne (B)/Claude Bourgoignie (B)/Kurt Thiim (DK) +
#24 Willy Maljean Driven by: Willy Maljean (B)/"Jean Hex" (B)/Alexandre Willems (B) +
#29 Bavaria Automobiles Driven by: Claude Ballot-Léna (F)/Gérard Bleynie (F)/René Metge (F) +
#30 Bavaria Automobiles Driven by: Marc Sourd (F)/Roger Dorchy (F)/Philippe Haezebrouck (F) +
#32 Elkron France Driven by: Gilles Sagne (F)/Noël Dupas (F)/Patrick Trucco (F) +
#33 De Bokkenrijders Driven by: Frank Sytner (GB)/Valentin Simons (B)/Paul Simons (B) +
#34 Serge Power Driven by: Jean-Pierre Jarier (F)/Harald Huysman (B)/Jean-Pierre Malcher (F) +
#35 Excelsior Driven by: Raijmond van Hove (B)/Cyriel Raes (B)/François Verhaegen (B) *

Rover Vitesse

#25 Austin Rover Deutschland Driven by: Olaf Manthey (D)/Dieter Selzer (D)/Udo Schneider (D) +
#26 Rover Gitanes Driven by: Tony Pond (GB)/Eddy Joosen (B)/Jean-Pierre Jabouille (F) +
#27 Austin Rover France Driven by: Steve Soper (GB)Armin Hahne (D)/Jeff Allam (GB) +
#28 Austin Rover France Driven by: Jean-Louis Schlesser (F)/Marc Duez (B)/Pete Lovett (GB) +

Volvo 240 Turbo

#20 Robert Kvist Driven by: Eje Elgh (S)/Ulf Granberg (S) (Brno) (NEW SKIN by Rot Teufel)
#21 GTM Engineering Driven by: Michel Delcourt (B)/Pierre Dieudonné (B)/Jean-Marie Baert (B) + *
#22 GTM Engineering Driven by: Patrick Neve (B)/Jean-Marie Pirnay (B)/"Davit" (B) + *
#31 Sportpromotion Driven by: Ulf Granberg (S)/Greger Petersson (S) (Donington) +
#36 TL Racing AB Driven by: Thomas Lindström (S)/Anders Olofsson (S) (Donington) +
#37 I.P.S. Racing Driven by: Per Stureson (S)/Rune Tobiasson (S) (Donington) + *

Ford Mustang

#31 IRS Euromotor Luxembourg Driven by: Romain Feitler (L)/Paul Belmondo (F)/Jean-Jacques Feider (B) *

Ford Escort

#71 IRS Euromotor Luxembourg Driven by: Romain Wolff (L)/Nico Demuth (L)/"Chavan" *

Toyota Corolla Cupè

#60 Fritzinger Driven by: Klaus Fritzinger (D)/Dirk De Sterck (B)/Dirk Van Rompuy (B) *
#61 I.M.C. Toyota Driven by: Jacques Janssen (B)/Bernard Carlier (B) *
#62 I.M.C. Toyota Driven by: Patrick Baert (B)/Dominique Holvoet (B)/Philippe de Leener (B) *
#63 I.M.C. Toyota Driven by: José Close (B)/André Hardy (B)/Emmanuel Remion (B) *
#64 I.M.C. Toyota Driven by: Claude Holvoet (B)/Freddy Fruhauf (B)/Baert *

Toyota Corolla Levin

#65 Team Toyota Castrol Driven by: John Nielsen (DK)/Eric Hoyer (DK)/Jörgen Poulsen (DK) *