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TCL DTM 1984 Skinpack by Intelpower, Rot Teufel and Sarpt

DTM 1984 Skinpack by Intelpower, Rot Teufel, Sarpt

Another pre 1986 pack for TCL fans. This time with two new talented hands, Sarpt.
With the demise of the Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft, a new top-series comes for Touring Cars was called for in Germany, using the Group A cars.
Deutsche Produktionswagen Meisterschaft was born; 2 years i'll be renamed in the most common Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft.
In the actual status, there'll be no GTV or Starion to complete the field as the actual released models are incomplete graphycally and physically.


Intelpower, Rot Teufel, Sarpt

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Racing Sports Cars.net, Touring Car Racing.net, TenTenths Motorsport Forum, Le Mans Models.nl and everyone we forget.

you need Tourign Car Legends 1.1 mod installed.
This pack contains bumper files for pre 1986 Rover Vitesse. Anyway without BTCC 83-84 official skinpack this will be not possibile.
So if you don't have this pack, download it. It worths





Rover Vitesse

02 Austin Rover Deutschland Driven by: Olaf Manthey (D)
03 Austin Rover Deutschland Driven by: Dieter Selzer (D)

BMW 635

06 Brun Motorsport Driven by: Hans-Joachim Stuck (D)
07 Brun Motorsport Driven by: Leopold von Bayern (D)
08 Brun Motorsport Driven by: Walter Brun (CH)
13 Auto Maass BMW Driven by: Kurt König (D)
92 Dieter Miltz Driven by: Dieter Miltz (D)

Volvo 240T

79 ML Racing Driven by: Per-Gunnar Andersson (S)
81 Kjellerup Autolager ApS Driven by: Jürg Bächi (CH)


BMW 635

01 Vogelsang Valier Driven by: Harald Grohs (D)
23 Gubin Motorsport Driven by: Volker Strycek (D)

Rot Teufel

BMW 635

12 Auto Budde Driven by: Udo Schneider (D)

Ford Mustang

25 ABR Ringhausen Driven by: Manfred Trint (D)