TC-65 lotus & Alfa @ Imola Tue 3rd Sept 2013

Enjoyed the Cortina race earlier had a fun battle with Rupe near the end of the race but there was no safe place to pass and Rupe was driving well.

I just had a look at the replay and have to say I'm disappointed to see some cutting. Now I know we sometimes stray onto the white line from time to time especially when the car is sliding but all four wheel completely over the white line numerous times a lap at the same corners isn't by chance especially when the car is ran out wide on purpose beyond them.

We are all racers and want to push the cars hard and in many ways it's the fault of the game for not punishing this.

Rupe Wilson

Correct Graham.
These are the rules we race with every week, i will be looking into it.:(
more annoying after i posted pictures and big red letters.:mad:
But on a positive side i did enjoy our little battle.:thumbsup: I don't even think we traded paint:thumbsup: clean and fair you covered your lines through the apex real good:)

Rupe Wilson

Im sure the other drivers will also forgive you these things happen..:)
thanks for posting:thumbsup:

you missed out on big grid was great fun..:)

Jack Smith

If you read through this report there is a special 6 CD collection of all your favourite car driving songs for a one time low price of $19.95.. That's right... not euros...dollars. This one time offer will only be available three times during these events.:D

Another exciting event with numerous drivers so you can always find someone to race with.
Race 1. Did myself in a bit at the start by going to the left to pass some slower starters and I misjudged the edge of the track and went off and then I had to fight to keep from coming back on track in front of Mike. Now in last place. I soon made up ground as there was trouble in the first chicane and then I fell in behind a long train. Jacob and I went through the first chicane side by side quite nicely only for me to lose it on the exit. Ken ended up my rear for many laps and he got to see me do a complete 360. Sakis finally passed Ken and was on my trail to the end.

Race 2. At the start I went left to avoid a stalled driver and Dennis was doing the same thing behind me and we had a little bump but both survived. I settled into 6 th place after early shuffling of drivers only to mess up my gearing on the long down hill and went off track and fell well back. Eck got to witness that little gem. Denis ended up behind me. I lost it and drove through the last chicane.... so I re -entered and stayed right to let him by.... only for him to lose in in the next chicane ( first chicane ) and we collided. He waited for me to re-start the engine and to continue. Thanks Denis.:thumbsup:.
I soon ended up behind Hans and Hiroshi for some good close racing. I finally got by them but I was alone for the remainder .

Thanks for the hard work Rupe, WD podiums, cheers all drivers.

As for the 6 CD collection, we seem to be having troubles with our distributer.:inlove:


I had a real good time in the Cortina. And I like its default setup very much!
Couldn't get a single quick and clean lap in during practice, but in Q1 I did quite OK and qualified in the top 10.:)

Had a really good start while some others hadn't so I quickly moved up to 4th, and even into 3rd for a while:confused:.
That obviously was way out of my league and thus it just couldn't last :laugh:, after a little contact I was back around P10, trying to stay ahead of Steven.... and failed :sick:. The nearer the end the more troubles I had keeping my car between the white lines, I managed a really nice 360 at some point while losing only about 4 secs.. but other than that nothing impressive...:unsure:

I did have good fun as usual, so THX all of you for that. Grats to all podium finishers, and Thanks Rupe for the event. I like Imola:inlove:

Oh and about that CD discount offer: DON'T trust that @Jack Smith salesman. I wire transferred the money, but only got a 3 CD-box:cry::confused:

Jack Smith


Oh and about that CD discount offer: DON'T trust that @Jack Smith salesman. I wire transferred the money, but only got a 3 CD-box:cry::confused:
Hmmmm....I'll check with our complaint department. I can't believe they actually sent out any CD's. Heads will roll.

Steven Walker

Slowly getting better!
I have to admit that the Cortina race was more fun than the Alfa. I seemed to be on my own for most of the race in the Alfa so I stupidly started experimenting with slightly different lines and braking points. :redface:

Guess what.......

Yep you got it. I screwed up and lost two places. :sick: Oh well! We live and learn... :whistling:

Still had great fun though and just a word of warning about Jacks CD offer... It's not quite what it says on the box. Beware! :ninja: This is a short clip of what I received in the mail after paying my money.....

I want a refund Jack. Ya hear me? :roflmao:

Jack Smith

I want a refund Jack. Ya hear me? :roflmao:[/quote]

No problem Steve ....just send in another $25 to help cover our processing fees and weekend party and we will send you a refund of $19.95.

By the way, I'm surprised to receive your complaint because that song was actually a big hit back in the hills at our annual "Who's Your Daddy Incest Sleepover and Pig Bash".
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