TC-65 Full Class @ Mondello Park - Tue 25th March 2014

Hiroshi Awazu

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I just want to say Thank You to all the staff involved in keeping GTL alive for as long as it did :thumbsup:

Unfortunately i was not able to race as much as i would of like to but i had fun when i did join in on races and i'm very glad to have been able to be part of this great group that was had here.

So my hats off to GTL and it's success here at RaceDepartment and on we go with Histor X :thumbsup:

Hans Sneep

I think that I started with GTLegends when this was "Roaring Pipe Maniacs" an Warren was in chard, he get me on the way in GTL, soon after that it became RaceDepatment.;)

I was looking forward to the Race days even that I am most of the time a back-marker (still am) that did not change the pleasure I had in racing with this great bunch of guys !:thumbsup:
So its hard for me to say goodbye to GTL after so many years:(

But I understand that we have to move on an Rupe did a great job to move forward with
this step we make now, an the guys that did testing the new Mod.

I still have my troubles with it, but it will take time to learn an enjoying it.
Put up a video of an old league race to say good bye to GTL...:cool:

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For me, finding the time to practice and race has always been a problem, so when the chance to race at a culb like GTL came along, it was a great way for me to learn about racing, in a venue that valued my time as much as I valued it. I like GTL, but it was always the personalities ( on and off track ) that have been associated with it that was the attraction for me.
Its been a great run, but considering the work that must go into keeping this up and running, I understand the need to try something new.

See you next time...

PS, Thanks for the invite fantastic Jack, I may take you up on that some day, I'll bring the rum and weiners!
This is really sad news. GT Legends has a special place in my heart. It took me ages to tackle and every second was pure joy. It was through this game that I had my first organised, online races and I was so happy I met other people that loved the same game as me. Unfortunately I had to move abroad for my Master's degree and that meant that my pc and wheel would stay back... I only had a PS3 and a controller and I have to tell you, I really envied you each time I checked the races you organised... You really made me love it even more with your punctuality, crystal clear driving, respect and most of all pure dedication. In three months I will be home and play it again even if it will be alone... :cry:
I really hope to see you on track again, I had my best time with the best game and the best company, thank you!

Rupe Wilson

Hi Sakis, Yes it was a sad day for us all when we closed it,
but the numbers were getting lower and lower, i appreciate you was not able to attend.
We are now running the HistorX mod on Rfactor and we have good numbers again.
we've had some great events recently. we still have the same Gentleman's driving standards and the club is growing.
if you get a chance come and try it with us ....
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Sad to see the club go, and even more so cos I've been awol from the club for several months and even missed out on the very last race.
This club is where I got my feet wet in online racing and I owe the club, it's members and staff a lot for taking me in, making me feel welcome and teaching me to not suck (as much) :D
Much love and much respect for you guys, special thanks go out to @Rupe Wilson and @Steven Walker for some late nights of chattering on TeamSpeak and all the work you guys have put in in both the club and helping people like me out!
I might pop on for some HistorX, cos I do miss these evenings!
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