TC-65 Abarth TCR vs Healey Sprite @ Zolder GP - Tue 30th July 2013

Warren Dawes

Mar 1, 2007
That was indeed some good fun, even with only a few of us there.
First up, some promising signs for me and my recent SimRacing weirdness.
I may have resolved the recent Steering Wheel bugs with my G27. I fiddled with my Logitech profiler for this event, and my steering was back to normal again. Hopefully that wasn't just luck.
Even better, I was finally able to re-join the GTL Server without my PC crashing. Haven't been able to do that for many months. Fingers crossed for that one.

Now to the fun racing:
Good little cars these, well matched on this great track. My best "serious" laps were almost identical in both cars. Nothing near Mate's alien lap in the Abarth though. :rolleyes:
We found the secret to competing with Mate now, just shove him in a much slower car than the rest of us. :p
I quite liked the Sprite in Race 1, just had to be careful with the downshifts or she bites you on the bum (sorry to mention that Rupe :sick: ).
Had some close action with Denis for a while, he wasn't easy to get past, even though I was quicker in some sections. He used the Abarth's strengths well, so I had to wait until he finally made a mistake to clear him.
Race 2 was fun, with most of us trying to buzz around poor Mate's slow Sprite. :p We also managed to apply as much pressure to Warren (the other one) as he was getting experience out in the lead.
Hans and I had some fun at the end, playing a zig zag game as Hans was trying to let me pass before the line.
Grats Hans, you don't get many wins. :)

Thanks to those who joined, and to Rupe for organising, and still racing under those uncomfortable conditions. ;)

Mate Orban

Feb 13, 2012
First I tried the Abarth. That car is so light and so fast. But the default setup was a mess. I had to do something with it.
Those tire pressures were too high.:confused: Anyway, I managed to make that little car stable.
After that, driving the car was much easier.
I saw, that Rupe is at least one sec. slower, than I decided to miss the qualy.

I chose the wrong Sprite but didn't realize it. I did a few test laps with it. The car was okay but I felt it way much slower, than the TCR. My best lap was a 2:04 on the practice. That was 9 sec. slower, than my Abarth laptime.
I thought, that Rupe wanted to mix the field with slow and fast cars...anyway, I didn't understand the strategy.:O_o::rolleyes:

I had a good start from the "back" (only 7 cars...that's not a distance:D ).
I took T1 on the 3rd place. The Sprite at the 2nd place went off the track at T2, so I got Rupe on my screen.
I didn't want to go alone 13 laps, so I decided to escort Rupe all way long.
He had a good and stable pace, there were only a few problems with his brakingzones at T7 and T11.:p
I followed him from a safe distance, than I closed the gap and did some close stuff on Rupe's rear bumper.
Than he decided to let me go. I did some fast laps before I crossed the finish line.

After Race1, I got out of my rig and spent my time with smoking, drinking and watching TV.
Got back after 20 mins. I saw Rupe's question in the chat window about the wrong car choice but it was too late to do any change. So I started the 2nd race with the 1.1 Sprite.:thumbsdown:
My cornering speed was okay, but in the straights I was a duck fart.:roflmao:

It could be a very boring race for me, but you guys made my day complete.:thumbsup:
Thanks to everyone, who waited me and battled with me. At some point we did a 5 car was awesome!

Congrats to podium!
Thank you Rupe for the organization.

Unfortunately, I have to miss the next few races, because I'll practice for the final round of the 2013 VV8S. It will be a 3 and a half hour long race at Bathurst...500Km.
But than, I'll come back to race with you guys.;)

Warren Schembri

Dec 5, 2012
If you werent there, you missed a great night of racing. Racing to win was secondary and having fun was first and foremost!

Race 1: Started second but was terrible for the first few laps. Mistakes everywhere! Was second last for the rest of the race and was slowly but surely catching up to Hans (from 20 down to 7). Ran out of laps and spun on the last.

Race 2: Was the only person who bothered to do a quali lap. I threatened to leave the server and re-join but was overwhelmingly convinced not to do that. I think Rupe would have given me a lifetime ban if I did it also :)
So there, I was starting at pole position and would you believe it, I got off to a good start. I think I led for the first 3/4 laps before spinning at a corner (@Rupe Wilson thanks for waiting also!) The biggest surprise for me out of all of that time in the lead was that I felt very comfortable and was not thinking too much about it all.

Was now a bit in the middle of the pack and going anywhere from 1st to 5th. There was one corner where Mate passed by me from out of nowhere but with him driving a lemon for a car, was able to easily pass by.
Was trying to pass in one move both "the other one" (you should know who this is by now :)) and Rupe at the first chicane but too much wheel movement caused me to crash and that was pretty much it for the night. I should have been a little more patient. Finished the race but was too far behind to keep on enjoying the fun that was up ahead.

Thanks to all those who were there, Rupe for the organising of another fun night of racing and to "the other one" for getting out of bed at 4am

Till next time!

Denis Betty

The older I get, the better I was.
Jun 18, 2013
Great nights racing even though I had a mare in the Sprite :(. I did OK in the first race but kept spinning the Sprite on down shift in the second. I'll keep practising. |Thanks to Rupe and anyone else who helped to organise the event and thanks to you all for some great fun. See you soon I hope.

Warren Dawes

Mar 1, 2007
Great nights racing even though I had a mare in the Sprite :(. I did OK in the first race but kept spinning the Sprite on down shift in the second. I'll keep practising.
The Sprite was bit nasty on the downshifts if you weren't careful.
One hint, make sure to blip the throttle before the downshift and try not to have your speed too high for the lower gear when you change. Even could try a little bit of throttle applied during the downshift, that helped me sometimes if I shifted too early.