.tbc file problem


Hi All

I am an offline gamer who in rfactor 1 used to tweak the rear drylatlong and wetlatlong files in rfactor to get more rear grip and stability without fiddling with car setups a huge amount. I have just tried the same in rfactor 2 by using the mas file utility to open all six .tbc files and tweak the settings as above. I then saved them and inserted them back into the mas file. All good so far, when i go to run rfactor 2 the cars whose files i tweaked (FISI) do not show up in the menu to choose from. I double checked the files i changed the numbers on and there were no errors.

Any idea what may have happened?

I am not a genius at all of this but had no issues tweaking files in rfactor to get the required effect i was after.

any help would be greatly appreciated.


You can't tweak files in a mod without breaking the mod, otherwise you would be able to join online with modified physics. Download devmode SDK from here, in devmode files are not packaged and you can test any changes.