AU Tatuus F3 T-318 @ Hidden Valley Sun 22nd Sep 2019



The amazing Tatuus are back but we are trying a different one this time.

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To enter this event you will need to have the following track:

Hidden Valley: (DOWNLOAD HERE)

Track: Hidden Valley Raceway
Track conditions: Will remain dry
Fuel: Normal
Track Temperature: 25°C
Pitstop: Your Choice
Fixed Setups: No (Setups can be shared)
Start Type: Standing Start
Driving Assists: Auto Clutch

Server Name:
Cars: Tatuus F3 T-318
Practice: 20:00 AEST (30 minutes) 10:00 GMT
Qualifying: 20:30 AEST (20 minutes)10:30 GMT
Warm Up: 20:50 AEST (5 minutes) 10:50 GMT
Race 1: 20:55 AEST (25 minutes) 10:55 GMT
Race 2: 21:20 AEST (25 minutes) 11:20 GMT
  1. Tony
  2. Damien van de Velde
  3. Pappa_G_27
  4. avenger82
  5. alexSchmurtz
  6. Stephen Gibb
  7. Ingemar Petersson
  8. Daniel Monteiro
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I might be out for this now due to internet issues. Looks like the other nights electrical storm broke my NBN Connection Device and they cant get anyone out until Monday!
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